Windows 10 KB4038788 bugs: install issues, Edge crashes, BSoD, and more

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KB4038788 bugs

The Patch Tuesday September updates are now available for download. Windows 10 KB4038788 is one of the many updates that Microsoft rolled out yesterday. This particular update fixes a long list of problems, including graphics issues, Start Menu bugs, sleep issues, and more.

Windows 10 KB4038788 also brings issues of its own, as users report. Some of them are quite severe, preventing PC owners from using their devices, while others are minor issues.

In this article, we’re going to list the most common KB4038788 bugs reported by users to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of issues.

Windows 10 KB4038788 issues

KB4038788 won’t install

Many Windows 10 users can’t install the latest Windows updates on their PCs. The install process starts, but doesn’t seem to progress and then suddenly stops.

[…] everytime an update comes up, my Windows 10 will always fail to install the update. […]  I’ve tried both system and catalogue, none of them worked. It’ll just come up failed after restarting. […] The update that i now have problem with is the latest one (KB4038788)
Another thing that i noticed is that during the restart sequence, it doesn’t show any percent, just the text and it gives up

Edge constantly crashes

If Microsoft Edge is your main browser, you may want to postpone installing the latest Windows 10 updates. Many users reported that Edge constantly crashes after they installed KB4038788. Strangely enough, some users also say that although the browser doesn’t appear to have crashes, the  Event Viewer displays a lot of Edge errors.

Hi, same issue, odd thing is the browser does not appear to crash, but if you open Event Viewer there will be lots of errors showing Edge has crashed. This started after this latest update.

Black screen issues

It appears that KB4038788 also messes up PC graphics. Users reported that sometimes the screen goes black, flashes, and then remains completely black.

It seems like this cumulative update messes up my laptop: after installing the updates, I get a normal login screen, but when logging in, the screen turns black, with cursor, I’m able to get into task manager etc. etc., have already tried to uninstall graphics drivers etc., nothing helps until I pick a restore point.

Blue Screen of Death

KB4038788 may sometimes cause BSOD errors, preventing PC owners from using their devices.

[…] Bluescreened. Can’t get to any “feedback hub capture” because it won’t boot. Wiping and reinstalling from backup after lunch. Will not try these on any other system for a month or so, maybe whatever it is gets fixed.

These are the most common bugs triggered by KB4038788. If you’ve encountered other issues apart from the ones listed above, use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.

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When left idle, the laptop which seated in a docking station with three monitors attached, will crash. It is not a “BSOD” so to speak, however 1 screen is blue and the other two black with a white flashing cursor. It may as well be a bluescreen (minues the sad face) because all you can do is hard reset to get it back and it comes up normal.

This update has caused severe performance issues with my Win10 machine, such as latency opening/closing programs and games. But most critically it would cause my both monitors of my display to freeze when navigating between windows/programs doing normal every day activities for me and this computer, with a cycling blue circle pointer, until I was forced to turn the machine off and back on. Ctrl+Alt+Del didn’t do anything.

For now I’ve removed the offending update (coincidence that all of the problems described above stopped happening?) and have added Group Policy Editor to my Win10 Home so I can force it to ask my permission to download and install updates now, like it should have been an option all along…which has been my main complaint of Win10 since I installed. I miss the autonomy. I usually don’t skip on updating, I just hate being their guinea pig testing their half-baked updates when they roll them out to the general public. I like it to go for about a month so they can work out the bugs on the unsuspecting rubes before I’ll put it on my machine.

After letting the windows update and shutdown at night, in the morning i woke up and started my pc and the screen was pinky, blueish. The images that stayed longer were marking the screen and disolving little by little. I took a print, but in my cellphone the image is normal, just in my laptop screen is blueish. Windows updates…sucks

I have the black screen problem too so I did the restore point which fixed it, but my laptop won’t let me shut it down without updating it. So now I can’t turn my laptop off. Really annoying

KB4038788 is the problematic package. Disable and Stop the service called “Application-prestart”.
In black screen you can use the ctrl+alt+del and go to control panel and use services list.

After installing the update, drop downs in Windows panels (settings, file explorer, etc.) showed no entries. Invisible drop downs. Uninstalled update, problem solved. Windows was unusable after update.

windows 10 sept 12 2017 updates resulted first in all desktop icons scrunched left to right. I waited for 15 minutes and since nothing implied updates still in progress, I shut off and powered back again. When I power back on, Windows 10 is sluggish as it logs me back in but once it logs me back in, the only thing flashing on the screen intermittently are the window, task view and search in left bottom and notification, internet status and clock on the right bottom. I cannot escape, enter. I can launch task manager but don’t know what to look for or end task in order to get the regular desktop to appear. I have tried system restore or go to previous build and receive error 0x80070091. I am unable to run backup in safe mode and therefore am hesitant to proceed to resetting to install mode. Is there a way to apply updates again or uninstall something that is causing applications to not even launch? Have been at this for 6 hours now and repeated and run all safe mode options but with no success. Have also run scanreg.exe, sfc /scannow, dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth but no success at all. Please help!!!