Windows 10 KB4103714 bricks computers, users complain

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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KB4103714 bugs

Microsoft recently rolled out Windows 10 Fall Creators Update KB4103714 adding a series of useful fixes and improvements to the table. While Microsoft is not aware of any issues affecting this update, some users encountered pretty severe issues after installing it.

For example, if you lost some of your files after installing the latest Windows 10 v1803 update, you’re not the only one. Moreover, if you’re unlucky, the patch may completely break your computers. The user who first reported this issue on Microsoft’s forum, also said that Microsoft’s Support engineers confirmed this is a known issue and they are working on a fix.

Here’s how users describe some of these issues:

May 21 2018 Update KB4103714 has Bricked my PC
For the 2nd time a major Windows Updated has bricked my PC. The first was the Fall Creators update. That one took out my FAT and caused me to loose thousands of files. Even after recovering some with Linux many of the files were locked down by Windows permissions and I still cannot open them even after following all the recommended procedures including using Linux. Now my new PC (1 year old) is bricked with another “update” Multiple calls to customer support have only yielded a “that is a problem and we’re working on it”. It looks like this is growing problem for MS and I’m sure they are scrambling to find an answer. Unfortunately without being to use the computer AT ALL it may be difficult to get the fix into the machine.[…]The thing is they have given NO TIMELINE for a fix and in the meantime our primary PC’s are doorstops.

If you’ve experienced the same issues, maybe the troubleshooting guides listed below will help you fix them:

Have you encountered any issues after installing KB4103714? Do tell us more about your experience in the comments below.

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I too have had problems installing this latest update. It will go through a series of reboots, then eventually a “blank screen” that I left overnight – a forced hard shut down, then starts back up at 75% complete, makes it to 82% and then gets stuck. Another forced hard shut down/reboot and then it goes into recovery to restore the previous installed version. Now that it recovered the previous version, it now wants to install updates. This is BS. I want to turn off Windows updates all together.

It is not a isolated problem.
Many of my friends + myself have the same.
We don’t report the issue because we don’t know where to report it and where to get the solution.
The langage is also a problem : as you can see, English is not my mother tongue and a lot of people are not able to complain in english.
So, we are all waiting for an easy solution from Windows.