Windows 10 KB4467708, KB4464455 fix black screen and camera issues

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In this article, we are going to be talking about two November 2018 Patch Tuesday updates – KB4467708 and KB4464455. Both these updates are quality improvement updates and do not contain any new operating system features.

KB4467708: OS Build 17763.134

Improvements and Fixes

The KB4467708 (Version: OS Build 17763.134) update includes the following improvement:

[Provides] protections against an additional subclass of speculative execution side-channel vulnerability known as Speculative Store Bypass (CVE-2018-3639) for AMD-based computers. These protections aren’t enabled by default.

Other fixes include:

  • A reported problem that users were being prevented from signing into a Microsoft account (MSA) if they were signing in a second time as a different user.
  • A problem with file system access to Internet of Things (IoT) Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that require this capability, which was being denied.
  • When running automated tests or installing a physical keyboard, the on-screen keyboard appeared. This should no longer happen.

Security updates for the following programs are also included in this package:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Windows Scripting
  • Internet Explorer
  • Windows App Platform and Frameworks
  • Windows Graphics
  • Windows Media
  • Windows Kernel
  • Windows Server
  • Windows Wireless Networking

KB4467708 issues

Fortunately, there’s only one known issue on the list. Some users cannot set Win32 program defaults for certain apsp and files using the Open with… command or Settings > Apps > Default apps.

This bug comes as no surprise as we already reported about it in a previous post. We also compiled a list of solutions to fix it.

If you would like to run this update as a stand-alone package, use the Microsoft Update Catalog. For more information, check out Microsoft’s support page.

KB4464455: OS Build 17763.107

Improvements and Fixes

The KB4467708 (Version: OS Build 17763.107) update includes the following improvement:

Addresses an issue that incorrectly implies that user policies have not been applied after configuring a user rights Group Policy setting. Reporting tools, such as RSOP.MSC or Gpresult.exe /h, do not show the user rights policies or display a red “X” instead.

Other fixes include:

  • Internet Explorer performance degrading when using roaming profiles or not using Microsoft Compatibility List.
  • Time zone information issues.
  • When turning on displays on some servers, a black screen was appearing.
  • Long delays were being reported when user were taking photos using the Camera app.
  • The performance issue with vSwitch on network interface cards (NIC) that do not support Large Send Offload (LSO) and Checksum Offload (CSO) has been improved.
  • Issues concerning applications losing IPv4 connectivity when IPv6 is unbound have been solved.
  • Finally, reports that issues concerning connectivity breaking on guest VMs on the server when applications inject the low-resource flag on packets have been resolved.

Keep in mind that, just like KB4467708, update KB4467708 is also affected by the default app bug.

If you would like to run this update as a stand-alone package, use the Microsoft Update Catalog. Go to Microsoft’s official support page to learn more about this patch.

As always, if you have installed any earlier updates, only new fixes contained in KB4467708 and KB4464455 packages will be downloaded and installed on your device.


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