KB4480116 causes hotspot authentication issues

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The very first Patch Tuesday edition of 2019 did not bring major Windows 10 updates. Microsoft released new patches for all the supported OS versions, but they pack only two or three fixes and improvements.

Windows 10 v1809 KB4480116 addresses a security vulnerability affecting PowerShell remote endpoints and brings general security improvements to various OS components, including Edge, Windows Kernel, file system and more.

KB4480116 known and reported bugs

Unfortunately, some Windows 10 v1809 users may experience various technical issues  in a very specific set of conditions after installing KB4480116.

Hotspot issues

Microsoft officially acknowledged that KB4480116 may trigger hotspot authentication problems. More specifically, after installing the update, some third-party apps and programs may have difficulty authenticating hotspots.

The good news is that Microsoft is working on a permanent fix. According to the official estimates, the hotfix should be available late January.

Meanwhile, you can install a different hotspot software if the one you’re currently using is affected by this problem. Of course, another solution is to simply skip the update.

Microsoft Access database issues

Other users reported getting ‘unknown database format’ errors when using their Access databases.

After installing in Windows 10 the KB4480116, our application ( developed in VS2010 with Microsoft Access 97 database MDB ) detects an error “unknown database format” when accessing to Access 97 database. The exception starts on msvc100.dll provided by VS 2010. Removing the KB4480116 the issue disappears.

The list of known and reported issues ends here. As you can see, KB4480116 is a fairly stable update. The problems listed above affect only specific programs. So, if you don’t use any hotspot apps and software or Access databases, your computer should be safe.



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