Best label printing software for Windows [2020 Guide]

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label printing software

Labels are a great way of neatly arranging and organizing your stuff, be it CDs, DVDs, books, or other materials.

But most people still use a felt or marker pen to write on the labels, which can be a daunting task if you have a lot of things to label. This is why label printing software comes highly recommended for the job.

Not only does label printing software take away the hassle of having to write on each label by hand, it also saves you more time and reduces stress on your part.

There are downsides to selecting the wrong label printing software especially in commercial or industrial settings, so you need to get the right one.

We checked out the best label printing software that will ease off the pressure and save you hours of labour, and here are our top picks.

Best label printing software to create stunning labels

Free label printing software

  1. LabelJoy
  2. Avery Design and Print
  3. Papilio Label Helper
  4. Inkscape

Paid label printing software

  1. Aulux
  2. Label Factory Deluxe
  3. BarTender
  4. Acoustica
  5. Disc Labeler 7
  6. NiceLabel
  7. Handy Label maker

Free label printing software

Editor’s choice: Disketch Disc Label

Disketch Disc LabelA very efficient program for creating and printing labels is Disketch Disc Label Software from NCH.

This tool allows you to create professional labels and covers with ease and speed. Choose from the provided templates and personalize labels with your own photos and artwork.

Important features:

  • Label images and text are easy to arrange and format
  • Place text and images on layers
  • A rich selection of text styles
  • Format, resize and align your text with ease

Label printing also allow you to print on sticky labels, or directly onto printable discs. If you do not have a printer at hand, you can export files to send to a print shop nearby. You can manually adjust the printing position on a page before printing which is pretty cool for last-minute retouch manipulations.

1. LabelJoy

label printing software

This label printing software is engineered to create and print labels for just about anything you have like folders, cards, letters, badges, and other items, either fully or partially.

You can also easily create price tags superfast, with so many templates to choose from that are preset for any label creation and printing use.

With LabelJoy, you get a WYSIWYG (what you get is what you see) user friendly interface, so you know that’s exactly what will be printed. It supports most major graphic formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF among others.

Pair your label printing software with a barcode scanner software. Check out this list for the best ones available.

All you need to do is follow three simple steps and you’re ready to get a custom printed label for your items.

What’s more, you can generate, export and/or print barcodes with its QR code generator, and import data from other sources such as Excel, Outlook, Access and others.

With more than 1500 clipart choices for creating custom stickers and labels, plus 6500 layouts in its internal library, LabelJoy is one of the best label printer software tools you can get and use to print labels in your preferred format, or use custom size paper.

You can also edit text, customize your graphics with effects such as transparency, fading, adding texture and borders.

This software is available for free download, and in 18 different languages from Bulgarian, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Romanian, Danish, German, and many more.

Download LabelJoy 

2. Avery Design and Print

label printing software

This label printing software is popular, and compatible with Windows operating system. Its features include not just label sheets, but you can also do other things like name tags and business cards.

It is available for free but you can only use with Avery products. Other features include customized labels, a free gallery with lots of images, fonts, and you can upload your designs online and access them from your computer or other devices.

Download Avery Design and Print

3. Papilio Label Helper

label printing software

This is a freely available label printing software, which you can use for up to 30 days without registration, after which you’ll need to sign up to use.

However, you need to install DirectPlay to take advantage of the tool and its features, which include colorful templates, cloning options for multiple labels, text insertion and editing, change pagination, position alignment, background color selection, and outline printing options.

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Simply open Papilio Label Helper, create a new project, select a template, and create your label based on your preferences using the tools in this software. Finally save your project and go to press.

Download Papilio

4. Inkscape

label printing software

Although this is a vector graphics editor tool, it doubles as a label printing software too. Its features include photo or image and text editing tools, and support for most graphic formats such as SVG, PNG, WMF, PDF, among so many others.

Want to edit your projects like a pro? Check out the best image editing software for Windows 10 in this article.

All you need to do to print amazing labels with Inkscape is draw a label, and use the different tools to make your preference settings for the labels (you can also create multiple labels simultaneously using the Cloning option), create your label, then save and print it out.

Download Inkscape

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