My laptop adapter is not working [QUICK FIXES]

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laptop adapter is not working

Users expect laptop adapters to charge their laptops when they’re plugged in. Yet, laptop adapters can stop working for some users. It’s not something that happens often, but users will need to get their laptop adapters sorted out ASAP when they don’t charge their laptops.

However, the adapters might not necessarily need replacing. These are a few troubleshooting steps for users who need to fix a laptop that isn’t charging.

Why is my laptop AC adapter not working?

1. Plug the Charger in Somewhere Else

First, try plugging the adapter in within an alternative room. It might be the case that there’s a tripped fuse. Get rid of extension leads and plug the laptop adapter indirectly.

Plugs my laptop adapter is not working

2. Check the Charger is Plugged in the Correct USB Slot

Newer laptops include USB-C slots with which users can charge their batteries. However, some USB-C slots on a laptop might also be for data transfer only. The adapter won’t charge the laptop if it’s plugged into a USB slot that’s specifically for data transfer.

Thus, some users might need to check that they’re connecting the adapter with the correct USB slot to charge the laptop. Check the laptop’s manual, which will provide further details for the USB ports.

USB slot my laptop adapter is not working

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3. Check the Charger’s Cable

Users should check the adapter charger’s cable for wear and tear. Check if there are broken, or loose, connections at both ends of the cable. If users spot any notable tearing on the adapter’s cable, that’s probably why it isn’t charging the laptop. Users will probably need to get a replacement adapter if there are loose connections.

USB cable my laptop adapter is not working

4. Clean the Connector Jack

Some users might need to clean their adapters’ connector jacks. The connector jack might be clogged with dust and dirt. So, try cleaning the jack with a needle, or something that will scrape out dust and other debris from the jack. Alternatively, users can clean dusty connector jacks with a hoover pipe.

Adapter charger my laptop adapter is not working

5. Remove the Battery

Some laptops include removable batteries that users can take out. Turn off the laptop and remove its battery if you can. Then plug the adapter into the laptop and turn it on. If users can utilize their laptops with just the adapter, there’s probably something up with the battery. Turn the laptop off, and slot the battery back in.

Laptop battery my laptop adapter is not working

So, go through the troubleshooting steps above before contacting customer support. Users may or may not need new adapters when their current ones aren’t charging the laptops. Those users who do need new adapter chargers can check their laptops’ or adapters’ warranty details to see if they can claim replacements with the warranties.


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