Logitech SmartDock Meeting Room Console

by Radu Tyrsina
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Logitech recently introduced its SmartDock, born from its collaboration with Microsoft. It is designed to transform regular Skype meetings into AV room-styled conferences and is a way of providing the space to conduct real-time business meetings. Moreover, it can effectively transform a Surface Pro 4 device into a consolidated communication hub.

SmartDock is a modernized platform for meeting room accessories that includes Logitech ConferenceCams along with a user-friendly touch sensitive screen to manage and launch video calls from anywhere. With this technology, meetings can be scheduled without any delay and starting them is easy with a one-touch join feature. Instantly display a projection in a room and share it with all remote participants via their Skype for Business Clients running on their smartphones or laptops.

Not just video conferencing, SmartDock can be used to make audio-only calls with multiple participants. With the latest Skype for Business meeting experience, users are now able to walk into a SmartDock virtual conference room and leave their laptops behind. The communiqué would be carried out as if all participants are sitting in the same space.

Enterprises and individuals are today using Skype for Business for all of their daily communications needs, from phone calls to rich video meetings. As a key part of Office 365, Skype for Business enhances collaboration across office and business boundaries. We are excited to see Logitech provide the first next-generation Skype Room Systems solution that brings our customers a low-cost, high-quality, consistent Skype for Business experience to every meeting space.

Logitech SmartDock offers HDMI input and output, three USB 3.1 ports and gigabit Ethernet, allowing a variety of Skype Room Systems-certified devices to be connected, including Logitech ConferenceCams. In addition, a power-saving sensor conveniently activates the Logitech SmartDock when motion is detected in the meeting space, and automatically turns the display off when the room is empty.

The company further states that sharing content via HDMI is also a breeze with 1080p 60fps input and capture. The optional Logitech SmartDock Extender Box with a single five-meter cable integrating HDMI, USB, LAN and power creates a clutter-free environment and clears extraneous cables from the conference table.

Nobody is thrilled by the idea of a spiderweb-like tangled mess of wires giving off an impression of disorganization. What makes this device unique is the convenience and neatness it brings to business meetings and relieving its participants from the hassle of arranging and tuning the settings of different media devices. SmartDock is an elegant solution that would make its users appear more managed, synchronized and organized in front of clients and outside partners.

Price and Availability

Logitech’s SmartDock will be available throughout USA, Canada and in several Western European countries around the end on this year, with additional aspects available from 2017. The price includes only SmartDock itself and not the Surface Pro 4.

SmartDock has an MSRP of $599/€699 and will be bundled with Skype Room System package. SmartDock Extender Box has an MSRP of $249/€299 and there are various Sample Skype Room System packages:

  • Base Package: Includes Logitech SmartDock + Microsoft Surface Pro 4 additionally with Skype Room Systems software.
  • Huddle Room Package: Includes Audio and Video capabilities along with all the aspects of Base Package and a Logitech ConferenceCam CONNECT.
  • Large Room Package: Includes Audio and Video capabilities along with all the aspects of Base Package, an Extender Box and Logitech GROUP with two expansion mics.

See SmartDock in the works: