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The long awaited Windows Creators Update is finally here. According to Microsoft, we’re up for a treat with various improvements and a lot of new features. Eligible users should be able to obtain the update right now.

However, even though the Creators Update is available trough over-the-air Windows Update feature, there’s a great chance that in the first couple of days some of us won’t be able to download it. To make things even worse, there are already a lot of reports about update issues. Sometimes the culprit is the individual system error, but most of the time the servers are either busy or have issues of their own. We saw that with the Anniversary Update and it goes the same for the Creators Update, too.

Luckily, if you’re not patient enough to update your Windows 10 in a standard way, there’s a handy alternative. Two of them, to be exact. And today, we’ll give you a hint how to use them to your advantage.

How to manually install Creators Update for Windows 10

Use Windows Media Creation Tool

Media Creation Tool was introduced with Windows 10, in order to make life of an average user much easier. You can use it to upgrade your system, create ISO files, prepare a bootable USB or, in this case, forcefully download Windows the Creators Update. The process is quite simplistic but it will take a couple of hours to finish. Namely, the tool will download the complete installation of Windows, so it may take some time depending on your internet speed.

This is how you can use Media Creation tool to obtain Creators Update:

  1. Download Media Creation Tool here.
  2. Backup your data from system partition and save your license key.
  3. Open the application and choose to Upgrade this PC now.
  4. After the installer is ready, choose to Keep personal files and apps.
  5. The PC will restart few times and you’re good to go.

That way you’ll surpass the standard Update and get the latest update as soon as possible.

Use Windows Upgrade Assistant

The second tool you can use to force an update to your PC is Windows Upgrade Assistant. This tool is, compared to Media Creation Tool, strictly created for updates and related features. Basically, it’s part of the package that was introduced back in the good old days when the free upgrade from Windows 7/8.1 was available.

This is how you can configure and obtain the Windows Creators update via Windows Upgrade Assistant:

  1. Navigate to Microsoft’s official site and, if the Creators Update is available, you should see Update Now button.
  2. This should start the download of Upgrade Assistant.
  3. Double-click to start the tool.
  4. It will check for current version and available updates.
  5. Once the check-up is finished, click Update Now in the client tool.
  6. Follow the instructions. Have in mind that the process may last some time.
  7. After the download and installation are complete, your PC should restart.

And, after the procedure, you’ll have your Creators Update up and running.

That’s it. In case you have any questions regarding the subject, don’t forget to tell us in the comments section.



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