McAfee security tools are incompatible with Windows updates

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Microsoft released a new series of Patch Tuesday updates at the beginning of April. However, the updates didn’t go well with some of the leading antivirus products available on the market.

We can see that the list of antivirus solutions affected by incompatibility issues is increasing day by day. We already reported that the latest patches are not compatible with Avast, Avira, Sophos, ArcaBit.

However, new reports suggest that McAfee users are also experiencing the same issues now.

Microsoft recently updated the support articles for the latest OS updates. The company acknowledged the fact that the bug causes Windows 10 to freeze or boot slowly. Notably, many users experienced this bug due to a conflict with McAfee programs.

CSRSS changes are to blame

McAfee said that the recent Windows Client Server Runtime Subsystem service changes caused this issue.

These changes were responsible for creating a deadlock that eventually triggered the bug. The company described the problem as follows:

Changes in the Windows April 2019 update for Client Server Runtime Subsystem (CSRSS) introduced a potential deadlock with ENS.

According to users, their systems stopped working as soon as they tried to log in into their accounts. In the worst case scenario, it even took more than ten hours for some users to log in.

The bug affected Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2 and Server 2012. As a result, these systems may sometimes get extremely slow or completely freeze.

Thankfully, you can still boot into Safe Mode. Moreover, Sophos came up with a strange suggestion and recommended its users to update the list of excluded locations with the directory of the antivirus.

Microsoft is currently collaborating with McAfee to investigate the issue. The bug was fixed by Avast and ArcaBit as both released the necessary updates a few days ago.

Comment down below if you are experiencing any such issues on your Windows systems.



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