5+ best Windows 10 optimizer software

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  • The easiest way to find out what is slowing down your PC is using a Windows 10 optimization tool.
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Windows 10 is a fantastic operating system, but it still carries the same flaws and problems that users have often complained about in the past.

Windows can become quite bloated if you don’t take good care of it – and this can cause serious performance issues.

Usually, the best solution to this is to format Windows and reinstall it, but there are things you can try before doing that.

What is the best PC optimization software?


Genuine PC speed boost
Extremely easy to use
Frees up disk space
Replaces corrupted Windows files
24/7 support is on hand
Only available on the Windows OS

The first system optimizer you may choose in order to make your PC faster is Restoro. As confirmed by users worldwide, it really does make a difference.

Most of them found a major speed improvement and not only at startup. Don’t you imagine that this is all that you can get from this world leader system solution!

Quite the opposite, it successfully identifies/removes malware threats and detects dangerous websites that may cause severe damage to your computer.

On top of all these, the interface is well designed, very intuitive, and unlikely to turn into a challenge even if you’re a newbie.



A sluggish PC is no joy! With a descriptive interface and plenty of features, Restoro will safely repair any computer issue!

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Creates backups of your registries and DLLs before fixing them
An unlimited number of licenses
Many PC performance boosting tools
More expensive than other similar tools

Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense tries to be as user-friendly as possible. It includes various features that others like it don’t.

It comes with a privacy tool that will help you change certain privacy-related settings in Windows 10, and it explains all the problems you have with your PC in easy to understand language.

It also includes a NetBooster tool that might help you increase your internet speed.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Give your PC a much-needed speed boost with the help of this great optimization tool!

Free trialDownload

Advanced SystemCare Pro

Intuitive workflows
One-click optimization
Basic quick and deep, custom scans
Integrated performance monitor widget
Shields your system from a wide variety of malicious agents
Limited cleaning and boosting customization

IOBit’s Advanced SystemCare Pro is unique in that: it is portable – you don’t need to install it, and it works like a swiss army knife.

It packs over 20 tools – things such as a disk cleaner, a registry cleaner, a privacy sweeper, it can even defrag your disks and help you uninstall any software on your PC.

Overall it is the kind of software that will let you do things that its competitors might not.

The interface is another strength of it – you can easily browse through its functions and use the features inside without any problem.

Advanced SystemCare Pro

Advanced SystemCare Pro

Clean up junk files and privacy traces to enhance your PC performances by up to 200%!

Check priceVisit website

Glary Utilities Pro

Repair and cleanup: free disk space, cleans your registry
System tools: repair system files, restore the registry
Optimization: memory and startup optimizer, disk defragmentation, disk management
Backup and restore
Automatic maintenance feature is available only to paying customers

Glary Utilities Pro is another great choice. Not only it is good and does not require many PC resources to run, but it is also ultra-safe and won’t interfere with your antivirus or firewall.

These features are great and are sure that you will find much more PC optimizing options to enjoy. This tool is available for free on the official website.

Glary Utilities Pro

Glary Utilities Pro

Speed up your computer in no time with this all-in-one ultra-safe PC care service

Check priceVisit website

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Greatly improves system boot speeds
One-click system scan and error fix
You can schedule scans and fixes
Optimized system repair features
It can create registry backups
Many features are only useful for advanced users

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is one of the most expensive software on this list.

This tool offers features such as file encryption, a full backup of your hard disks, and the ability to run benchmarks on your system.

There is a 40-day free trial to check it out and see if it is what you want, but it offers every feature that its competition has to offer, and gives more on top of it.

Expert Tip: Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken. We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is.
Click here to download and start repairing.

If you want feature-rich software that’s worth its price, this is the one to go for.

Ashampoo Winoptimizer

Ashampoo Winoptimizer

Backup your hard disk and optimize your system easily with Ashampoo Winoptimizer.

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Tweaking Windows Repair

tweaking banner
Efficient PC boosting
Great memory optimizer
Easy to use and very lightweight
fixes all common Windows 10 errors
Dated UI

The next entry on our list is yet another third-party tool that not only promises to boost and clean your PC, it also delivers on that promise as well.

Sporting an old-school design, this program might not even seem like it could run on Windows 10 at first glance, but rest assured that it has all the features necessary to make it efficient on the most modern OS of the moment.

It has all the tools you can expect from a generic Windows 10 optimizer, from registry cleaners to RAM boosters, and they all work fast and efficiently.

More so, it doesn’t slow down your PC, not even during a full system scan, so rest assured that you can mind your other duties while this program does its job.

Tweaking Windows Repair

Tweaking Windows Repair

Don’t let the looks of this program fool you, since it will make your Windows 10 PC run like brand-new!

Free trialVisit website

How do you find out what is slowing down my PC?

One of the best, and freeways, to find out the source of a problem, is to make changes to your PC sequentially.

This means installing new software, adding new hardware, and more, since you can then tell which new addition to your system is causing the performance lag.

The usual culprits are antivirus tools running in the background, and that is why many of them come with built-in optimization tools in order to compensate.

Another way of finding out what is slowing down your PC is to simply look into the Task Manager and see what is using up most of your RAM, CPU, and how many items you have configured for automatic startup.

Why is my PC so slow and unresponsive?

Before all else, make sure that your PC isn’t too dated for the programs that you are trying to use, or that not too many programs are running unnecessarily or idly in the background.

Additionally, make sure that your PC’s registries and DLLs are running accordingly. If you notice that these are indeed the problem, then a good registry cleaner will do you a world of good.

How can I fix my slow computer?

As mentioned above, a complete system reset is always a surefire solution to fixing a slow PC, although it is also the method with the most drawbacks as well.

That is when a solid and reliable Windows 10 optimization tool can come in handy, as it will completely clean, repair, and boost your PC’s performance in no time, among other features.

An optimizing software tool will delete the unused keys from your registry and other temporary files that are slowing down your computer.

It will also make sure certain settings don’t conflict with each other. Choosing a reliable optimizer software can get quite difficult since there are so many of them and you need to pick one that will fix your computer rather than make it worse.

This list will go through some of these options to help you pick the one that might work for you.

These are some of the best PC optimizers available on the market. You just need to pick the one that works the best for you.

Keep in mind that there are optimization tools for Windows 7 as well, so if you’re still using it, there’s are options out there for you as well!

Moreover, it’s always advised to make backups before running such a tool – which is a feature most of them offer as well. What’s your favorite weapon of choice?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us by reaching for the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Although you can get great results with any of the tools found in this dedicated list, the best Windows 10 optimizer remains Restoro.

  • The foremost method of optimizing your Windows 10 experience is to perform a complete registry clean. If you want to learn more about how you can clean your registry, check out this in-depth guide.

  • Many optimization techniques rely on upgrading your hardware. If you’re not ready to do that yet, you can always rely on free optimization tools to help you out.

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