Microsoft Azure Revenue, Growth & Other Fascinating Statistics

Azure generated about $75.3 billion revenue in 2022

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  • Microsoft Azure is used by around 1 billion people in the world.
  • 288.9 million Azure users, i.e., 40% of the total are from the United States.
Microsoft Azure statistics

Microsoft Azure is one of the growing leaders in the market of cloud services platforms. It provides basic and advanced cloud hosting services like virtual machines, machine learning, Kubernetes, and more.

Microsoft announced Azure in Oct 2008 and launched it on February 1, 2010, as Windows Azure (later renamed it Microsoft Azure on March 25, 2014).

It was behind its competitors Amazon Web Services (2006) and Google (2008) and had much catching up to do.

However, with years passing by, it has become one of the deserving competitors in the cloud computing market.

This guide will provide a detailed overview of Microsoft Azure, including revenue, user base, market share, and other statistics.

What percent of Microsoft is Azure? (Revenue and growth)

 Microsoft Azure Revenue microsoft azure statistics

As per Microsoft’s recent report, Microsoft Azure has generated the highest-generated revenue, $75.3 billion in 2022, which is commendable, given its rocky start and already established competitors.

If we compare the cloud services revenue from 2017, Azure was only able to generate $27.5 billion, which is only 36.5% of 2022 revenue. This is not a sudden growth; let us check the revenue generated for the last six years to understand more:

2017$27.5 billion
2018$32.2 billion
2019$39.1 billion
2020$48.4 billion
2021$60 billion
2022$75.3 billion

According to the quarter (ended March 31, 2023), results released by Microsoft, Azure, and other intelligent cloud services provided by the company is 27%.

In 2020, the cloud computing platform recorded its highest worldwide market share, i.e., 31%, indicating a sudden spike compared to the numbers recorded for 2018, 2019. Let us have a look at the same:

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2022 21%

With the latest market share recorded, this cloud computing company became the second-largest cloud service provider, with only AWS standing in the way.

How many people are using Microsoft Azure?

According to Azure Active Directory, in 2022, there were 722.22 million Azure users, of which 40% of users are from the United States of America. Let us see the growth in numbers:

Year Number of users
2017715 million
2018716.44 million
2019717.88 million
2020719.32 million 
2021720.76 million
2022722.22 million

According to statistics by Microsoft, Azure is used by 65.11% of male and 34.89% of female users, which means 30.22% of men use Azure more than women. These statistics could be accurate, given that there are more male than female employees in the tech industry.

Male/Female percentage usage -microsoft azure statistics

27,751 websites in the United States use Microsoft Azure services, followed by The United Kingdom with 8411 websites, and Japan with 5641 websites.

Fun fact if you have paid Office 365 subscription, then you are using Azure services, and Microsoft 365 uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to manage user identities behind the curtain.

How many companies are using Microsoft Azure? (Azure market share)

98% of tech companies worldwide use cloud services in one way or another. According to a report on Statista, 486,738 companies are dependent on Microsoft Azure for its cloud services.

Also, since 2015, about 70 percent of organizations globally have used Azure once for their services. The most used services offered by the company are machine learning and artificial intelligence, data management, developer tools, and Internet of Things apps.

If we talk about the industries, the cloud platform is mainly used by Information Technology and Retail, followed by Computer software, Construction, and Automotive.

industries using the cloud computing platform

If we talk about the top countries using Microsoft Azure, it is the United States with 40%, followed by the United Kingdom with 8%.

According to a report by Enlyft, 63% of companies using Microsoft Azure are small, with less than 50 employees, 26% are medium-sized, and 11% are with employee strength is approx 1000.

Microsoft Azure allows its customers to save structured NO SQL data on the cloud and provides storage for flexible datasets such as web apps, address books’ user data, and more, making the companies trust the company.

According to a report on Contino, Verizon is one of the top Microsoft Azure customers. It has a yearly contract of $79.9 with the company, followed by MSI Computer, LG Electronics, Century Link, and NTT America.

Microsoft Azure customers  - microsoft azure statistics

Looking further, you will understand that some giant sea fishes, like Starbucks, Sears, Jeep, and Volvo, use Microsoft Azure for hosting.

What is the geographical distribution of Azure users

According to statistics from similarweb, the average user base of Microsoft Azure lies between the age of 25-34, which is 32.38% of the market. Other age groups’ share is as follows:

Microsoft Azure lies between the age of 25-34

The platform is usually used in the United States, as stated earlier, with 93.53 % of users accessing it via desktop; let us check the numbers in detail

CountryAccess PercentageDesktopMobile
United States38.23%94%6.47%
United Kingdom7.11%86.54%13.46%

According to a Semrush report, the average time spent per visit on the cloud computing platform is 25 minutes, 31 seconds.

As per the traffic generated on, the United States, with 18.20%, is leading, followed by India with 7.76%, Brazil with 5.44%, the United Kingdom with 4.89%, and Poland with 3.97%.

What products and services does Microsoft Azure have?

From virtual machines, SQL database, Cosmos DB, App Service, and Azure Data Factory, Azure Storage Explorer to Event Grid, Microsoft Azure has several products and cloud-based services to offer; some of the popular ones are listed here:

ServiceTypeUsed forFree (monthly usage)Free period
API ManagementIntegrationManages APIs across all platforms, comes with a hybrid multi-cloud platform1 million calls free per monthAlways
App ServiceComputeAllows you to create robust apps for any device or platform using tools like PHP or Node.js10 web/mobile/API apps with 1 GB storage 1 hour per dayAlways
AutomationManagement and governanceSimplifies the process of cloud management with automation500 minutes of job runtimeAlways
Azure Database for MySQLDatabasesEnables you to host a fully managed, scalable MySQL database750 hours of Flexible Server—Burstable B1MS Instance, 32 GB storage, and 32 GB backup storage12 months
Azure DevOpsDeveloper toolsAllows to build apps in any language using Ci/CD, Git repos.5 users with unlimited private Git repositoryAlways
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)ComputeHelps deploy & manage containers using desired toolsFreeAlways
Bot ServiceAI + MLDevelops enterprise-grade bots on demandFreeAlways
Database Migration Service
DatabasesAllows you to migrate on-premises database to the cloudFree for Standard ComputeAlways
IoT EdgeInternet of ThingsExpand cloud intelligence & analytics to IoT edge devicesFreeAlways
Machine LearningAI + MLAllows to develop & run Python and R models on the desired platformFreeAlways
SQL DatabaseDatabasesEnables you to create an SQL database that comes with inbuilt intelligence250 GB S0 instance with 10 database transaction units12 months
Virtual Machines—WindowsComputeCreates Windows VM with customized storage in a few seconds750 hours B1s burstable VM12 months
Visual Studio CodeDeveloper toolsLightweight code editor for cloud developmentFreeAlways
Virtual Machines—LinuxComputeAllows to create Linux VM with customized capacity in a few seconds750 hours B1s burstable VM12 months
Open DatasetsAI + MLSpeeds up ML with organized datasetsFree (egress charges may be levied)Free

Is Azure a future-proof company?

Even though Microsoft Azure started a little late in the race, compared to Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud platform, it has come far.

In 2019 Microsoft signed a 10 billion dollar contract with the Pentagon to provide cloud computing services. The company has also won huge deals with NBA & BlackRock.

With the latest numbers and revenue indicators, it seems the company is doing well, and with more organizations putting their trust in cloud computing services, there is scope for more.

To conclude, Microsoft Azure statistics show that it is one of the popular cloud platforms which has come to stay, and its revenue growth, increased userbase, and impact on different industries are evidence of the same.

If you encounter issues on Microsoft Azure, like Azure Directory sign-in issues, we recommend you check out this guide to find easy solutions.

Please feel free to give us any information, tips, and your experience with the subject in the comments section below.

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