Microsoft’s new UI for Cloud PC just got leaked

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  • The inevitable has happened again, and one of Microsoft's new releases got leaked again.
  • After the giant Windows 11 leak, we are now talking about the Microsoft Cloud PC project.
  • Apparently, from the available information, it seems that Cloud PC is going to be offered via browser.
  • We could see the Redmond tech giant announce this secret project at the upcoming Microsoft Inspire event.
Microsoft Cloud PC

One of the announcements that most of us were expecting Microsoft to make during its unveiling event, which took place on the 24th of June, didn’t quite make it to the spotlight.

Maybe Microsoft just decided to keep this a secret for a bit longer. Of course, we are talking about the company’s rumored Cloud PC initiative.

This is how Microsoft’s Cloud PC UI could look

The Microsoft Cloud PC was codenamed Deschutes, by the Redmond-based tech giant.

This initiative is supposed to provide an Azure-powered Windows 11 desktop to companies that want to provide more security, a roaming desktop, or those that are unable or unwilling to upgrade their hardware.

And as much as the tech company wanted to keep this a secret, inevitably, as with everything tech-related nowadays, information and photos of what is to come got leaked.

Apparently, Cloud PC is going to be offered via browser, and users will have the ability to choose from a number of instances, presumable with saved states and configurations.

The volume of information that is available on this topic is limited for the moment so we can’t get the full picture of what is to come, yet.

However, more than likely, until Windows 11 will become available for purchase in its full version, more information on this subject will become available.

We could see the tech giant making a related announcement at the Microsoft Inspire event, which is scheduled to take place between 14-15 July 2021.

How will this service work?

The new Cloud PC is, basically, a virtualized desktop-as-a-service offering that will give customers the ability to use their own devices as thin clients, which can access a remote Windows desktop and use software like Microsoft Office.

Also, the Redmond-based tech giant has plans to sell Cloud PC to all its users as a managed Microsoft 365 experience at a flat per-user price.

This represents somewhat of an important difference from existing Windows Virtual Desktop pricing, which revolves around Azure consumption.

As last year’s leak indicated, Microsoft might even plan to sell a few different Cloud PC subscription options, each offering a different amount of CPU, RAM, and storage.

For the time being, the Cloud PC initiative is still in private testing with a number of organizations.

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