Microsoft Edge 86 and 87 will improve PDF support and more

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  • Microsoft listed a lot of new features on their official roadmap for the next versions of the Edge browser.
  • Most of the new features are about PDF support but there are also some surprises for the admins out there.
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Microsoft Edge 86 and 87 new features

Microsoft just released Edge 85 as a stable version for everyone and it has some pretty interesting features.

The dev team seems to be relentless in the next developments because they listed a lot of new features in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap site for the next versions, Edge 86 and even Edge 87.

What are the future developments for Microsoft Edge?

What are the new features of Edge 86?

1. Table of Content for PDF Documents

Beginning with Microsoft Edge 86, you will be able to navigate PDF documents using their table of contents, if they have one, of course.

2. Add a custom image to a new tab page

Edge 86 will also bring esthetics improvements by allowing you to change the default image with one of your choosing when opening a new tab page.

The admins will be pleased to know that they can also control this using a group policy so they will probably make a good impression by changing that picture with a customized logo of their company.

3. Secure DNS Support

Microsoft added the settings to control Secure DNS on unmanaged devices. If you work in an enterprise, these settings will be blocked but IT admins will be able to change that using a Group Policy.

4. Version Rollback

This option is specially designed for admins who want to go back to a working Microsoft Edge version if they see an issue with the currently installed version of Edge.

To do that, you will first need to download the MSI for the version you want to revert to from Microsoft’s website.

Then, run Command Prompt as administrator and use the following command where the path is the one to the MSI you downloaded and the FileName is the name of the MSI file.

C:\Users\username\Desktop\test>msiexec /I FileName.msi /qn ALLOWDOWNGRADE=1

What are the new improvements for Microsoft Edge 87?

  1. Text notes support for PDF files.

Collaborating on PDF files will improve with Microsoft Edge 87 because you will be able to add text notes on any selection of text on PDF files.

  1. Open digitally signed PDF files

Companies use Digital Signatures to prevent any changes and validate the authenticity of the document.

With Edge 87 you will be able to validate these signatures straight from the browser, without any help from add-ons.

Microsoft Edge has greatly evolved in the last months but if you prefer another one check our selection with the best browsers for Windows 10.

What do you think about the new features? Leave your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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