Microsoft lets you choose your secured DNS choice in Edge

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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  • Microsoft made it easier to change the encrypted DNS options in Windows 10.
  • Now, you will be able to change the Encrypted DNS setting in Edge too. 
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Change Encrypted DNS provider in Edge

Not long ago, Microsoft announced that they are making it easier to change the encrypted DNS options in Windows 10.

Basically, they moved the DNS over HTTPS or DoH options in the Settings app to make them easier to access.

Now, a Reddit user posted a screen capture showing a similar feature in Microsoft Edge.

What is Encrypted DNS and why is it a good thing?

The main thing about encrypted DNS is that it offers privacy protection. It hides DNS address lookups in normal https traffic.

Before this technology, your ISP could create a profile of the pages you visited a lot easier.

Of course, that’s a double-bladed sword as now, ISPs won’t be able to block certain websites that were a hazard to regular people.

Microsoft Edge Canary beginning with Build 86.0.612.0 offers a Secure DNS option with a couple of encrypted DNS providers.

How can I change the Encrypted DNS option in Edge?

The option is available from the Privacy, search, and services option in Settings.

Scroll down to the secure DNS feature, click on the Choose a service provider and select one of the providers available in the drop-down menu like it’s shown in the image below.

Edge encrypted DNS

Let’s all hope that this DoH in Edge is not going to conflict in any way with the Windows 10 setting and will not lead to any unfortunate events.

But for now, the feature seems pretty straight forward, easy to use, and safe so let’s stay positive.

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