Microsoft Edge extensions store goes live with 82 add-ons

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Microsoft has just launched the Add-ons Store, allowing users to download and test extensions for the Chromium-based Edge web browser

The users will be able to test extensions or add-ons that have been developed for the latest version of Chromium based Edge browser. The upcoming browser has been designed on the basis of the Chromium engine.

A Twitter user named WalkingCat has first spotted the Microsoft Edge Insider Addons page. The user also provided a sneak peek of the upcoming Chromium Edge’s add-ons as Microsoft is actively working on the browser.

What’s new in Chromium-based Edge add-ons?

The extensions actually offer an added functionality into your existing web browser.

Users have always been criticizing the earlier version of Microsoft Edge browser due to its lack of extension support. Its rivals Firefox and Chrome have been far ahead of Microsoft’s native browser.

Microsoft has listed 82 add-ons for various categories including Education, Adblockers and password managers, Shopping, For Developers, and Social and entertainment.

All of them have been aligned in various categories such as Education, Shopping, Adblockers and password managers.

Edge has always been determined to maintain a high-quality threshold to encourage its users. It will help the company to get rid of the junk from its browser.

That is the only reason that since its launch the Edge browser was only able to add 70 extensions that have been developed by the third-party developers within a year.

On the other hand, the Chrome browser currently features more than 180,000 extensions.

The company plans to roll out the debut release of the Chromium-based Edge in early 2019. Only the users who are using the macOS or Windows 7, 8.1, 10 version of Windows.

Although the browser will be released as a part of Windows 10 OS, Microsoft plans to release independent updates for it as well. 

The bad news is that the Edge add-on page has gone offline. However, we expect more news to land about the Edge Add-on Store in the coming weeks.



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