How to join Microsoft’s Flight Simulator Insider Program

Matthew Adams
by Matthew Adams
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Microsoft unveiled a new Flight Simulator game at E3 2019 for Windows and Xbox One. It will be the first new addition to the FS series since 2006.

Flight Simulator fans have rejoiced the announcement of a new FS game. Although Microsoft has not confirmed a release date for it, players can play a few ‘test flights’ of the game from August 2019 if they sign up for the Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program.

Thus, Microsoft has confirmed that it will release the first batch of game content for the Microsoft Flight Simulator Program in August 2019.

That means Microsoft will be unveiling the first Flight Simulator preview builds shortly.

Then selected Insiders can provide some feedback for the early FS preview builds. Microsoft will also give Insiders surveys and newsletters and provide exclusive forums for them to post on.

Not every Insider can take part in all the preview builds. Microsoft strives to ensure that all its Insiders participate in the program, but the big M also selects Insiders for preview builds.

The Insider program FAQ states:

Our goal is ensure that everyone participates in the Preview Program. But that doesn’t mean everyone will participate in every build of the Preview Build Program.

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How to enroll in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator Insider Program

  1. To register on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program, players must be 18 years or over.
  2. A Microsoft account is required to join the program.
  3. Players also need to be a part of the Xbox Insider Program and have the Xbox Insider Hub Installed on Windows.
  4. So, some users might first need to set up a Microsoft account and then register on the Xbox Insider Program. Thereafter, players can register themselves on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program at its signup page.
  5. Enter the required details in the text boxes on that page, select the I agree to the terms and conditions check box (and check those conditions), and then click the Sign Up button.

Then some selected Insiders can take to the skies in Flight Simulator preview builds!

With the exception of a Flight Simulator trailer (above) that shows off some impressive visuals, Microsoft has provided scant details for the game as of yet.

The game’s first preview builds will likely reveal a lot more about Flight Simulator’s gameplay.