Microsoft’s HoloTour allows you to virtually visit the world’s biggest cities

by Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft showcased a handful of innovations at today’s Microsoft Event conference in New York. Besides announcing a new major update for Windows 10 that introduces new features along with new devices, the event’s keynote speakers also spent a solid amount of time telling us about Microsoft’s plans for augmented reality and virtual reality for the future.

Microsoft’s general manager Megan Saunders explained how Microsoft’s HoloLens and VR devices from other manufacturers can function together to create a brand new virtual experience for Windows 10 users. Saunders also showed how apps originally developed for HoloLens would work on third-party VR devices.

One of the showcased apps was Microsoft’s HoloTour, an app that allows you to take virtual tours through various cities and locations around the world using VR. Although the app is designed for HoloLens, it seems that it works flawlessly on VR devices as well.

“Holotour is a special experience that allows you to explore and interact with new places. It was made for Microsoft HoloLens, but here it is in virtual reality running on Windows 10,” Saunders said.

The first trace of the HoloTour date back to March this year, when Walking Cat shared on Twitter that he found it in the Store. This app takes you on realistic VR trips to some of the world’s most famous places. According to Microsoft, users will have the feeling they’re really present while using HoloTour.

Microsoft today announced many other manufacturers are currently working on their set of VR devices for Windows 10. This will allow all Windows 10 users to run VR and AR apps on their computers without having to spend a big amount of money for HoloLens.


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