Could Microsoft release its fourth consecutive Windows 10 build today?

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In the last three days, Microsoft rolled out three consecutive builds. Its Insider engineer team is working at full throttle to fix the existing Windows 10 bugs and detect other possible issues not yet discovered by Insiders before the Anniversary Update.

When Dona Sarkar took over the Windows Insider Program, we knew that things would change, but we never expected she would put the Insider engineers to work so hard so as to release three consecutive builds. The Fast Ring Insider circle has really become a fast line for build releases.

For a quick recap, the team rolled out the Windows 10 Mobile build 14371 on June 21, then came the equivalent build for Windows 10 PC on June 22, and on June 23, Dona and her team released build 14372 for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

Insiders were totally caught off guard, and didn’t even had the time to thoroughly check out one build that the next one landed.

Yep, caught off guard as well, too busy working on client website issue.

Must do better. So far download looks quite quick.

Later Edit – All up and running, about an hour all in, pretty quick.

Microsoft managed to roll out these builds in such a short period of time thanks to the Insiders’ feedback. Insiders all over the world completed 71K Quests and filed 81,217 pieces of feedback and up-votes, showing Microsoft what improvements they expect to see.

But what if Microsoft continues this incredible fast build release trend today as well? Let us think about it for one moment: Dona usually posts her build announcements at 3:01 PM, and the day of June 24th is not over yet. So, theoretically, Microsoft still has enough hours left to roll out a fourth build by the end of the day, if it still wants to surprise us.

If this happens, we are not sure how well Insiders will react. After all, rolling out multiple builds means that the Windows 10 user experience is improving, but at the same time, Insiders don’t really have the time to try out the builds, as they already admitted it.

What’s your take on Microsoft’s new build release approach? Do you think the company will hold on to this strategy in the future, or was it just a bundle-build release before the weekend, to keep Insiders busy this Saturday and Sunday?



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