Latest Windows 10 build updates system version to 1607, signals Anniversary Update release

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With a little more than a month until the Anniversary Update, Microsoft slowly transforms Windows 10 with every new Preview build. The latest release, build 14361 for Windows 10 Preview, introduced one interesting change that demonstrates that Windows 10 is almost Anniversary Update-ready .

If you dig into the latest Preview build’s system information, you’ll notice that its version number was changed from 1511 to 1607, the number of the Anniversary Update. With this, it’s safe to say that build 14361 is a real Redstone build, even if it didn’t introduce any major features.

To check your system version, go to Settings > System > About.

Will Microsoft repeat a Threshold 2 scenario?

The new version number clearly shows us that the Anniversary Update is in its final stage of development and that Microsoft should meet its deadline of July 29th. However, we can’t for sure say that everything will go as smoothly as users are hoping.

Even the latest Windows 10 Preview build, and the first build with the Anniversary Update version number, contains a big number of issues and bugs. Of course, people will say it’s normal in the Preview version of the system and they’re right, but what if Microsoft doesn’t manage to polish everything before the update is released?

As a reminder, the November update for Windows 10 gave many users headaches due to a huge number of problems. So, if Microsoft doesn’t focus on fixing all present issues from the Anniversary Update Preview builds, we can easily end up with another troublesome update — something neither Microsoft nor users want.

But not everything is lost for the Anniversary Update. Microsoft has a solid amount of time to work on all its possible issues and get everything in its place for the premiere. Because of that, we don’t expect Microsoft to release any notable new features in the coming Preview builds but instead focus on enhancing the system.

Tell us in the comments below: What do you expect from the Anniversary Update? Will Microsoft release yet another buggy update or it will be different this time?


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Biggest change since 2008, people now actually pay to own a Windows.

I’m guessing most of you never heard of Winreducer?

Just wondering what’s worse malware or a Windows update? The anniversary update crashed my Windows 10. Safe mode could have been better, as so many features are disabled.

In the end I got a USB and put Ubuntu 16.10 on it using Rufus. I do wonder why I installed Windows, again. Let me know when Microsoft start to become reliable.

I can only recommend to simply not update if you have a pro license and enjoy control over Group policies. Microsoft seems to think Group policies to limit updates and even candy crush from downloading is a luxury reserved fro enterprise users.

Limiting PRO license users group policies and even the lock screen changes is a deal breaker to me. I started reverting our office machines back to Windows 7 until the backlash from pro users one day will force Microsoft to stop this foolishness…. Unbelievable move by Microsoft, a low blow to try and force pro users into enterprise licenses…. I feel like throwing up.

You can always delay the update in PC Settings->Update & Security->Advanced Options->check “defer updates” box (Windows 10 pro). I have not had any problems with upgrading to Windows 10 or any of the updates, which was a big concern of mine when I heard the updates where mandatory. Wasn’t thrilled with Windows 10 in the beginning (flaky and slow) and still not happy about the telemetry/spyware baked into it. Most of which can be disabled thankfully.

Nothing wrong with Windows 10 Pro runs like a dream and does everything i need it to do very great operating system will never go back to using older Windows version and that other stupid operating system called Linux, Mandrake, Unix.

Window 10 is here and its great running all my systems on it.

No problems with updating, hardware, graphics the only issue is its limitation is getting rid of stupid face book crap.

So glad my laptop blocks all this crapware. I have to give Microsoft permission to break my laptop with its Malware bloatware Spyware offering.

Only 50 days left and I can plug in my laptop running Windows 7! I am not taking any chances. the HP is still in the box.