Microsoft offers reward points if you use Edge [PC, Mobile]

by Sinziana Mihalache
Sinziana Mihalache
Sinziana Mihalache
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  • These days, some users can easily earn Microsoft reward points using Edge to search for anything.
  • So if you ever wondered how to easily earn Microsoft reward points, switch to Edge now. 
  • The points values differ depending on the device or browser version you're using.
  • Since this is probably a test, you have a limited time to use Edge and get reward points.
microsoft offers reward points search edge

It seems that these days Microsoft has enabled a time-limited possibility of earning Microsoft reward points by simply using Edge as the primary browser for daily searches.

The idea isn’t new as Microsoft used it previously for Bing searches. So this might also be an attempt to increase awareness for the Windows 10 default browser and also to motivate users somehow.

According to the latest reports, Edge ranks fourth for desktop use worldwide, with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox coming on the top three positions (according to StatCounter).

Start searching anything in Edge

earn microsoft reward points

This is a common practice for developers to test user behavior and possibly ad profitability. And for sure with this incentive, Microsoft managed to get some users into the boat.

A lot of people mentioned that they switched to Edge just for the reward points and now they have discovered its benefits.

And Microsoft has been adding a lot of improvements to Edge lately, to make it more appealing and less resource-demanding.

As a matter of fact, the default Windows 10 browser is oftentimes faster, safer, and lighter than its competitors, and with the same customization options.

Geo-restricted Edge search testing

edge search tests

The standard points values for members of the Microsoft Rewards program are 150 points for PC searches, 100 points for mobile searches, and 20 points for using the new Microsoft Edge. 

But then a significant increase in the numbers was noticed and then mentioned by a user who published this on a subreddit channel.

Just as for the previously mentioned test, for this one too Microsoft has enabled the reward point earnings only for US residents, and only for some of them.

Consequently, people living in the same home noticed that while a member of the family earned points, they didn’t.

Similarly, not everybody was rewarded the same amount of points when using a certain search type, so they might be different depending on the region.

On the other hand, users with VPN noticed different changes, depending on their devices.

Why the hype around these points? Because they can be further used for purchases in the Microsoft Store.

Anyway, it might take some time before a wider rollout. But if you’re part of the rewards program and noticed this chance too, tell us about your experience.

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