Microsoft Solitaire Collection is now available for iOS and Android

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Solitaire is a game that has come pre-loaded with Windows operating system since way back in the Windows 95 days. In a time and place where computers were becoming the new thing to have but weren’t that many things to do with them, a lot of people would play Solitaire for ridiculous amounts of time.

The game garnered incredible popularity among people of all ages.  Of course, everyone can remember a time when they tried to win at Solitaire.

Similar to how the popular mobile game for old Nokia devices Snake is getting an homage with fresh releases that mimic the concept, it’s time to incorporate another piece of computing history in today’s technology with the addition of Microsoft Solitaire Collection to iOS and Android devices.

The Microsoft Solitaire Collection will be coming to the two most popular mobile platforms soon, as Microsoft claims the game has registered activity from over 119 million distinct users in the last four years. This means that the game maintains a potent fan base despite the number of potential entertainment options available for consumers today.

According to Microsoft, there will also be Xbox integration with Solitaire, meaning users will have the option of logging into the game with their Xbox credentials and earn achievement points. Also, they’ll be able to save their progress so when they switch devices, they can pick up right where they left off.

This integration of Solitaire on mobile devices is probably the result of Microsoft’s acknowledgment of the ever growing smartphone and tablet markets, trying thus to help both users that have embraced change and users that still cling on to those old days. Thanks to mobile integration, you will be able to take Solitaire on the road with you and in case you’ve never beaten it, to redeem yourself once and for all.



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