Here’s how Windows 95 runs on a Xbox One

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Strange mixes have always been fun to watch because you never know how they will work. Experiments like running an old Windows 95 OS on a modern-day device are fun and help you realize how much technology has evolved in recent years.

The “Windows 95 in 2016” series was opened by a guy who installed Windows 95 on an Apple Watch to see how it worked. The best words to describe the experience is “extreme slow motion”. The Apple Watch can indeed run this ancient Windows OS, but you have to wait for about 40 seconds for the device to actually perform the actions you requested.

When you first saw the Windows 95-Apple Watch experiment, you definitely wondered how the OS would run on other devices. One Xbox One user had the same question in mind and decided to put it into practice: he installed Windows 95 on his Xbox One. Just as in the Apple Watch experiment, “slowness” is the right word to use when describing the experiment, the Xbox took one and a half minute to fully launch the OS.

Its slow for now because it’s only using the cpu interpreter. The dynarec still needs work since it produces crashes on 64bit, but it flies with it.

Nevertheless, once launched, Windows 95 actually run pretty well on the Xbox, you can navigate through the menu quite rapidly. When it comes to running games, the slow motion effect kicks back in, turning you into an easy prey for your opponents.

Speaking of the Xbox One, a series of interesting games will land on it this summer. Batman: Return to Arkham will launch for the Xbox One on July 24th for $49.99 with improvements in game lightnings, effects, and models for characters and environments. If you are a Sci-Fi fan, we recommend you the upcoming Star Trek Online, which will also bring graphic updates. Just don’t play any of these games using Windows 95!

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