Get This Uag Case For Your Surface Pro 4

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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While we can’t say the Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft can only be purchased by the rich and powerful, it’s clear that prospect of buying it can be a tall order for most. This is exactly why most people prefer to use cases to protect their device, whether they be tablets, smartphones or hybrids. In this regard, there is a vast array of cases out there that fit every pocket and every preference in terms of design and such.

When it comes to the Surface Pro 4 specifically, users have the option of getting the UAG Feather-Light aluminum case, a feature-packed military grade case. If you’re the type of person that’s always on the road or finds themselves in situations in which there’s a high risk of dropping or smashing your Surface Pro, you might consider this one.

Let’s take a look and see what kind of features you can expect from this case and how it can help you keep your Surface Pro safe.

This UAG case takes care of your Surface Pro 4


This is the bread and butter of the case and its main selling point: its great resistance and soft core. This allows for the case the right amount of protection for the device without being too heavy or overbearing on the user. After all, some cases do tend to drag you down since they add quite a bit of weight.

Tactile grip

The case also comes with a material specially designed for tactile grip. It’s great to have something like this because it further ensures the safety of the Microsoft tablet by reducing the risks of dropping or slipping out of your fingers. Countless accidents happen because of that and the tactile grips helps you prevent it.

The Microsoft keyboard

The Surface Pro 4 is complete when you add the Microsoft Type Cover keyboard into the mix. Many are afraid of that accessory becoming null due to incompatibility when they buy a new case. The UAG Feather-Light case is completely safe from that point of view and is compatible with the Microsoft keyboard. With it, you won’t have to choose between protection and writing convenience.

Keyboard positions

The case also allows for multiple keyboard positions. Versatility is a key feature that not all cases posses, but this one is more than happy to allow you to position your keyboard any way you see fit. Even though this isn’t its main selling point, it’s definitely a nice little thing to have.

Aluminum stand

This UAG case comes with a rugged, high-quality design combining a hard case with aluminum components to adds a significant touch of style. However, this aluminum element also doubles as a trusty kickstand which can be used to keep the device on a flat surface. Having a kickstand is a great addition as it allows you to view content more efficiently and even lay back and relax while you watch a video.

Portrait view and angular positions

The UAG case kickstand can do more than just keep the device from falling over. It allows for multiple positions so that you can view videos or use the Surface Pro more easily from a multitude of positions. The angular position feature allows users to take full advantage of its maneuverability. Furthermore, there is also the option of having the case sit in portrait view, not just landscape mode.

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Access to all ports

This is a really important one because no one likes having to choose between keeping the Surface Pro safe and being able to use its functions. This case allows users complete and unhindered access to all of its ports. Needless to say, there is no element keeping users from fully taking advantage of the great touchscreen display implemented into the device by Microsoft.

Audio authenticity

Some cases have the nasty habit of covering the audio speakers or otherwise inhibiting their ability to replay the true tones of any piece of audio content. That’s a huge letdown but it’s not something that users of the Feather-Light case will have to worry about. The Audio is as crisp as ever and the case won’t do anything to prevent that.

Military grade standards from drops

When a device meets the military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6), you pretty much know that it’s in good hands. Granted, the point of the case is not to see from how high you can drop it before it cracks and wrecks the device, but it’s good to know that it’s prepared for some of the worst drops and smashes you can possibly encounter.

No restriction from the Microsoft Type Cover keyboard

You might think that adding the keyboard to the mix will lower the case’s drop protection, but think again. The authenticity of the case’s resilience persists even if the keyboard is equipped, which is great news because it means that the device can be used at full capacity at all times while benefiting from the same level of protection.


The case is available in multiple colors, which means that some customization is available for those that really want to make it their own. Granted, there isn’t a huge catalog of colors to choose from, but the fact that there are options at all is good enough for some.

Along with its standard black color, one of its variations is an intense red appropriately named Magma while the second one is a classy bluedubbed Cobalt.

Price and availability

The price isn’t higher than what you would pay for a case in general. On average, you can find and buy cases for a price somewhere between $50 and $60. It may seem expensive, but it’s important to keep in mind that this case really does provide a lot of protection and matches the device perfectly, so the investment is definitely worth it.

As far as availability goes, interested users shouldn’t have a problem in finding the case for sale. It’s not a rare item by any means and all three color variations can be found on the most popular specialty websites as well as some general commerce ones like Amazon and eBay. It might even be available in some stores that also sell the Surface Pro, so it’s definitely worth asking if buying online isn’t an option.