Minecraft server admins can’t integrate NFTs for in-game purchases

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  • Minecraft users can say goodbye to the idea of NFT in-game trading.
  • Mojang has released a statement saying it won't integrate blockchain.
  • In exchange, the company is working on an advanced marketplace.

We know that, just like the Gold Fever in the 19th century, people are going crazy over all kinds of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, that others will pay ridiculous sums for.

In fact, it’s almost impossible to surf the web today without seeing all sorts of ads, bids, or other people talking about the subject.

Even some video games have embraced the idea of adding NFTs for purchasing all sorts of in-game stuff, which some people are totally against.

However, if you were hoping that Minecraft will gain some cool NFTs and create an interesting trading system, that is never going to happen, according to Mojang.

Mojang rejects blockchain integrations for Minecraft

The company behind Minecraft, Mojang, recently updated its Minecraft Usage Guidelines, which ban the use of blockchain technologies, including non-fungible tokens.

As a result, these technologies can never be integrated into the Minecraft client, server applications, or be used in any way associated with buying and selling in-game content including worlds, skins, persona items, or other mods.

You are surely wondering why the situation turned out to be this way, so let’s take a closer look. The actual reasons behind the decision are multifaceted.

Primarily, Mojang seems most concerned about items being sold at very high prices, and also concerned that NFTs will lead to a situation where items are very scarce and create a culture of exclusion, and it doesn’t believe this is what Minecraft should be about.

Furthermore, while the company isn’t at all interested in allowing blockchain technologies right now, this could probably change in the future.

According to Mojang, it will continue monitoring the space and may implement some of the more inclusive applications of the technology.

As for all the people who want to sell in-game items, Mojang stated that it will strive to provide a marketplace where its values are recognized.

As you are aware by now, Mojang is not the first tech firm to distance itself from blockchains, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.

That being said, people are beginning to be a lot more open-minded about this subject, but many are still not willing to take a huge risk.

So, if you were hoping to trade NFTs or other cryptocurrencies for some in-game Minecraft items, you won’t have the chance very soon.

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What is your opinion on Mojang’s latest decision on Minecraft and NFTs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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