Minecraft: The Wild Update coming on June 7

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Ready for another update to the ultra-popular Minecraft game?
  • The Wild Update is about to be released really soon, on June 7.
  • This new software brings major changes and also new biomes.

Hear ye, hear ye, Minecraft users! We’re here to tell you about the newest update for your favorite game, one that will become available sooner than you think.

You might think this is a small update that doesn’t really change much, game-wise. However, you are far from the truth if you thought that, so let us show you what is to come.

We’re talking new biomes, new variants for existing ones, and a lot of other tweaks that will surely delight and amaze you.

What’s new with Minecraft’s The Wild Update?

First of all, you need to know that The Wild Update is an upcoming major patch set to release on June 7 2022, as Java Edition 1.19 and Bedrock Edition 1.19.0.

It is mostly themed around scary things and natural wilderness, as it will introducenew biomes such as the deep dark and mangrove.

We’re also talking ancient cities, mobs such as the warden, the frog, the tadpole, and the allay, as well as new items obtainable only in these new biomes.

Ancient City

  • A large structure that generates at y=-54 within the deep dark biome.
  • Includes all of the deep dark features within it.
  • Made of deepslate and its variants, basalt blocks and its variants, planks, and wool.
  • Decorated with soul sand, soul fire, soul lanterns, candles, and skeleton skulls.
  • Contains chests with unique loot including a unique enchantment, a new material, and music disc fragments.
    • The loot is intended to be items that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and that provide unique abilities and mechanics to players that weren’t possible before and are not attainable by other methods.
  • Contains a mysterious frame made of Reinforced Deepslate.
  • Has different levels and open spaces.

The Deep Dark

  • New biome at the “deepest depths of the world”.
  • Originally planned for Caves & Cliffs, and was then postponed to The Wild Update due to increased scope.
  • May not contain any water or lava aquifers.
  • May be the rarest cave biome in the game.
  • Tends to generate under mountainous areas.
  • Generates exclusively within the deepslate layer between Y=-1 and Y=-64.
  • Contains ancient cities.
  • Wardens can spawn there through the activation of sculk shriekers.
  • Contains all sculk family blocks.
  • With the exception of spawners, no mobs other than wardens can spawn there, similar to mushroom fields.

Furthermore, besides all these new biomes and NPCs, the list of changes is pretty hefty, so you might want to check that out ahead of release, just to get a better idea of whats coming.

Remember that The Wild Update will start its official rollout on the 7th of June 2022, which is right around the corner.

What are your expectations on this latest Minecraft update? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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