If you see that Mixer is not saving your past streams, aka VoDs (Video on Demand), you should know that you’re not the only one.

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A VoD is a recording of a past stream that should be automatically saved on Mixer.

A large number of users have reported the same issue. This has caused a lot of people to get frustrated with the Mixer services.

This problem becomes even more of a nuisance if you’re using Mixer to record your streams to post them on your YouTube channel. This will ultimately result in you losing money, followers, and likes.

Here’s what you can try to make Mixer save past streams

Make sure the past streams option is enabled

laptop on desk with coffee cup - Mixer not saving streams
Even though at first look this notion might seem obvious, a large number of users didn’t perform this step.

This becomes a prevalent issue as the option Keep recordings of my streams is turned off by default.

You will need to perform the following steps every time you create a new Mixer profile. This will allow you to avoid losing any valuable streams.

  1. Log into your Mixer account.
  2. Click your avatar found at the top right side of your screen.
  3. Select Broadcast Dashboard.
  4. Scroll down and toggle the button on for the option Keep recordings of my streams.
  5. Scroll down a bit more and click the Save button.

Note: This option will not work if you enable it while streaming. You will need to apply this setting before starting your streaming in order for the save to take effect.

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In today’s fix article we explored the best way to deal with the issue caused by your Mixer account not saving your past streams.

Because this can cause you to lose followers, and even money (if you’re doing streaming professionally), it becomes even more important to deal with this issue.

We hope this guide managed to help you sort out your Mixer problem once and for all.

Please feel free to let us know if it did by using the comment section below.