Photo Mosaic Maker: Best With Free Download in 2024

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Key notes

  • Great mosaic software is able to generate a clear visual image regardless of how many photos you include.
  • Among our recommendations, you'll find tools with clean and intuitive UI for some fantastic results.
  • Want a low-cost photo mosaic maker that creates great images? then try our free to download options.
  • Get ready for the awesome tools that are popular mosaic creators to generate high-quality visuals.
mosaic maker for Windows 10

A mosaic is an image created with smaller pieces of material, with photo mosaics formed exactly how you think: with a collection of small photographs merged together with software.

Although some image-editing applications include photo mosaic options, there are also photograph mosaic software for Windows, which enables you to set up mosaics with your own images or pictures included with the program.

Below is a list of is some of the best freeware and proprietary mosaic creation software for Windows.

What is the best photo mosaic maker software for PC?

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a feature-rich image and photo editing software that you can use to add any effects you want to your photos.

Speaking of image manipulation, if you want to add mosaic-like effects to your photos, Photoshop is without any shadow of a doubt the best software to get the job done.

You’ll definitely enjoy the wide library of modern intuitive presets with plenty of patterns, layers, and shapes to choose from.

The precise Object Selection tool will help you to edit your creations faster and precisely.

Creating a photo mosaic in Photoshop is easy even though you are not a professional graphic designer. All you need to do is make a grid of tile images.

Then you just go to the Image menu, access Adjustments, then click on the Desaturate command to desaturate the grid. Now, it’s time to superimpose your main image on the grid you just desaturated.

This will create a nice photo mosaic that you can then further edit, playing with opacity settings and other such options to get more vibrant and distinctive colors.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Enter into a world where you can take your imagination to incredible heights with this excellent software!
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Fotor Mosaic

Fotor Mosaic is the best way to create images in artistic mosaic formats for free. With this tool, you can become an abstract artist overnight, or just edit your photo in a special and surprising style

If you need an editing program specialized in mosaic arts, this software is designed for such needs. In other words, you can edit the images through pixelation effects to give the much desired mosaic look.

Broadly, this tool is a complete image editor and not only for mosaic editing. It also includes other features such as photo enhancement, crop, color splash, photo frames, AI effects, and more.

Another awesome capability is that you can edit the mosaic picture with other cool effects, and all that in your browser for free. 

Besides all that, you can use the mosaic format for artistic differentiated outcomes, also converting any picture with pixel effect into your modern art.  

Fotor Mosaic

Fotor Mosaic

Get Fotor Mosaic to enjoy countless effects, and create mosaic art even Picasso would approve. 
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Mosaic Creator

Mosaic Creator is full of options and tools for generating mosaics. This proprietary software has no freeware version but does have a 30-day trial package.

The program has a $29 Lite and $99 Professional version that has no output file limit and includes a pattern editor with which you can create mosaic patterns.

This is software primarily used for setting up photographic mosaics with an unlimited number of image cells and, with the Professional version, an unlimited output file size.

Mosaic Creator has more photo mosaic options than most alternatives and also includes a wizard that enables you to set up image montages in a few steps.

However, you can also convert images to ceramic, quilt, glass or stone tile mosaics with the program.

In addition, the software enables you to set up video mosaics from frame sequences and text mosaics. You can show off your final mosaics in web galleries set up with the software’s thumbnail wizard.

Mosaic Creator

Mosaic Creator

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Andrea Mosaic

AndreaMosaic is perhaps the best freeware mosaic creation software for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

This excellent tool is a photo mosaic maker free for download in Windows 10. There’s also a portable version you can run from USB sticks.

You can also choose also a Bonus Pack and a $35 Professional version of AndreaMosaic that has a larger 100 GB mosaic size along with a maximum tile and image count of 500,000.

AndreaMosaic has a clean and intuitive UI that includes a variety of options to configure output with.

For example, the software has nine size and tile parameter options with which you can adjust the mosaic’s resolution, tile size, pattern, image colors, and more besides.

The program also has tile variant settings you can rotate, mirror, and flip tiles with. This software even enables you to set up mosaics from videos by extracting image frames from the clips.

You can download an image collection pack from the AndreaMosaic site that includes 500 images to set up a mosaic with if you don’t have enough of your own photos.

Get Andrea Mosaic


Mosaikify is mosaic creation software with freeware and proprietary versions. This is a photo mosaic software free to download in full version

Mosaikify Plus retails at €20 on the software’s website and generates large mosaics that can include up to 5,000 images, a greater choice of layouts, and more color gradient background options.

This software creates real photo mosaics without overlaying semi-transparent versions of original pictures.

As such, the image tiles in Mosaikify mosaics are clearer than those generated with alternative programs. The software includes a variety of dimension settings to set mosaics up with.

It includes configuration options with which users can adjust tile variation, shape, layout, and mosaic contrast. In addition, you also can select the colors and direction of the mosaic’s fade background.

Get Mosaikify


Mazaika is another heavyweight mosaic creator that companies use to design photo mosaics for posters.

This proprietary software retails for $49.95 and is compatible with Windows from Vista up, but you can run version 3.8 in earlier Windows operating systems, too.

Mazaika is also compatible with macOS and Linux.

What sets Mazaika apart from alternatives is users can manually adjust each tile within mosaics, enabling them to replace one image tile in the mosaic with another photo.

Furthermore, the program includes image-editing options to adjust tile’s colors, picture sharpness, contrast, and even resize them if required.

Mozaika supports a wide variety of image formats and enables users to set up mosaics with an unlimited number of photos, resolution, and output size.

Another good thing about the program is its batch processing option that generates multiple mosaics at once.

Get Mazaika

Mosaizer XV

Mosaizer XV is freeware mosaic creation software for non-commercial users compatible with Windows platforms from XP and on.

However, after its grace period, some of the software’s professional tools and options are locked. The full, unrestricted version is available at €19.

There’s also a Mosaizer Lite package, which the publisher claims to be the world’s fastest mosaic creation software.

Mosaizer has a straightforward UI design and includes numerous options to set up mosaics when organized with Pattern, Colors, Specials, Quality, and Mask tools.

With the Mask tool, users can configure the transparency, shape, and positions of mosaic tiles. Or you can select rectangular, spiral, hexagonal, or circular pattern options for the mosaics.

Users can also apply colorize and blending effects to mosaics.

Another good thing about the software is that includes its own images for you to set up photo mosaics with.

Furthermore, Mosaizer also has a video mosaic generator with which you can set up video mosaics based on the number of frames.

Get Mosaizer XV

Mosaic software is a great way to combine larger photograph collections, to set stunning photo mosaics in all manner of creative ways.

Mosaizer, Mazaika, Mosaic Creator, Mosaikify, and AndreaMosaic are some of the best programs for Windows 10 and we sure hope you’ll have fun using them.

We’d like to hear more from you on this matter so please feel free to drop us a comment in the section below.

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