5 Best Apps that Recognize Songs by Humming

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  • In this article, we explore some of the best music discovery apps to help you find your favorite song.
  • We have listed both Android/iOS apps as well as web apps that can be accessed on any device.
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identify song by humming

It happens that you want to remember the lyrics of a song, but all you have is a tune that’s playing in your mind in a loop. Thankfully, there are enough apps that can help you find the songs by humming.

In this article, we take a look at the best apps that can help you find songs by humming. This list consists of both web and mobile apps to help you find songs on the go.

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What are the best apps that can identify a song by humming?


find songs humming

Shazam is there since the good old Nokia days and is one of the most popular music discovery software to identify any music playing around you.

Whether you want to find the name of a song or the artists, Shazam can do it in seconds. Moreover, you can also add and listen to the discovered song to your Spotify or Apple Music playlist.

Additionally, Shazam also features Shazamed tracks that show the most popular discovery of the week around the world. The app also has a Lite version, that is less than 1 MB but comes without additional features.

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It works on your Android and iOS devices. It also supports both Apple and Android Wear platform.

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find songs humming

If you prefer to use a web app instead, try Midomi. It is a well-designed website that allows you to search for music using your voice. To search for a song, click the mic icon and then hum or sing the song.

After a few seconds, click the mic icon again to see if Midomi recognizes the song.  Midomi will search through its large database to find a match and show the matching results.

If you are into singing, you can use the Midomi studio to sing your favorite song and upload it to the website. You can also use the large database to find your track using a text-based search engine.

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find songs humming

Musipedia is a melody search engine inspired by Wikipedia that is trying to build a searchable, editable and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes.

Musipedia can help you find a tune even if the melody is all you know. You can play it on a piano keyboard, whistle to the computer using the microphone, or simply tap the rhythm on the computer keyboard or use the person’s code.

If you know how to play the piano, you can use flash-based piano, JavaScript-based piano, or by dragging the mouse.

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find songs humming

SoundHound allows you to discover, search, and play any song using voice control. It is an app-only solution, so you have to download and install the app on your Android or iOS device.

To search for a song, tap the orange button, and start humming your song. It will search for the song based on your suggestion and show the most relevant results.

SoundHound also features SoundHound Char and Top Songs section that shows the most popular songs based on the SoundHound users’ search and listening.

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Apple Siri and Google Voice Assistant

find songs humming

If you don’t want to use a third-party tool, try Siri on your iOS device or OK Google, voice command on your Android device.

You can activate the voice assistant by saying Siri or OK Google. Then say ‘What song is this’. The virtual voice assistant will look for matching results and recommend songs accordingly.

If you are using a Windows Phone, Microsoft’s Cortana can also perform a similar search and help you recognize songs by humming.

Still couldn’t find the song? Try WatZatSong. It is an online community of music lovers where you can upload a sample of the track and post other details. Members of the community will try to help you find the correct song immediately.

When you can’t remember your favorite song and all you can do is remember the tune, you can use the help of the music discovery apps listed in the article.

While some apps can be downloaded on your phone, a few can be accessed on any device as they are available on the web. Go through the list and let us know your pick in the comments.

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