4 Best Name Generator Software for Original and Catchy Names

Use these great platforms and get the perfect name for your business

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Key notes

  • The best way to use the free company name generators on this list is to select one or two words that are directly related to your company.
  • It is critical to offer your company a name that is distinct, catchy, and different from the competition.
  • Business name generators typically generate names that are easy to say and remember.
  • With hundreds of new businesses popping up every day, it's vital to stand out and make an impact, so take a look at our best recommendations.
4 name generator software for original and catchy names

Are you a programmer or a new business owner? Do you need a unique and catchy name for your software or new business? If so, this article is for you.

Here, we will be bringing you a review of some of the best software name generators i.e. software that can be used to create unique names for new apps and startup businesses.

It is commonly the case that most programmers are not artistic, and many of them are not good with words. Hence, naming new apps and programs could be a little demanding for them.

The same goes for new business owners who are looking to get perfect names for their new ventures.

If you fall within the aforementioned classes, you need not worry, as there are now durable/reliable software name generators, which you can easily employ to generate a suitable name for your new business or program.

In the next section of this article, we’ll be showing you short reviews on five of the best software name generators out there. Read on!

What are the best software name generator for business?

Namelix – Highly flexible

software name generator

Namelix is another top-class software name generator, and it is specially designed to generate unique names for new businesses and tech startups. It is an online tool that can run on any major OS platform, be it a desktop/laptop or mobile.

Namelix, though mainly developed for the generation of new business names, is highly flexible, and can be tailored to generate unique names for new products (apps) and the like.

With this, you are able to generate suitable names for your new business or app, within seconds.

The software uses a set of AI-enhanced algorithms, which automate the entire process. On your part, you’ll be required to key in certain words (keywords), usually two to four words, that are related to your startup or product(s).

Other key features of Namelix include recommendations (based on preferences), results in filtering, a simple user interface, domains, and more.

Namelix’s services are offered for free. However, certain names are not free. To select a premium name, you’ll be required to pay a token.

Namelix uses a set of advanced algorithms to generate suitable names for businesses, products, and programs.

Basically, all you are required to do is to input desired keywords (words that are related to your new business or product) in the designated box.

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Fantasy Name Generator – Bilingual support

Fantasy Name Generator software name generator

Fantasy Name Generator is an online name-creation platform, designed to generate unique names for new apps and programming languages.

As an online (web-based) tool, the software can be deployed on any web-enabled platform, most notably Windows PC, Macbook, and smartphones (and tablets) among others.

The tool is an all-around name generator, which can be used to name just about anything. Aside from software name generating, it can also be used to generate business names, artwork names, music titles, names of places, and so on.

To generate a name using this platform, you are provided with a direct and easy-to-use interface. All you need to do is to click on the designated “random names” icon (depending on the category) and voila! 10 to 20 random names will pop up immediately.

If you are not satisfied with the first set of names, you can check through as many names as you want until you get a desired/suitable result.

Other notable features of Fantasy Name Generator include simple UI, no installation, 100+ names (per category), Bilingual support (French & English), custom search (via Google), and more.

The software is a free license tool, and it is available to all and sundry at absolutely no cost.

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BizNameWiz – Intuitive interface

BizNameWiz software name generator

BizNameWiz is similar to Namelix, in terms of operability. It uses an automated system to generate suitable names after certain keywords must have been inputted.

Also, it runs an in-depth search to check for duplicates, especially of generated domain name(s), to protect you against copyright infractions.

BizNameWiz is a cloud-based tool, so can be used on any web-enabled computer system or mobile device. It offers you a highly intuitive interface, with hundreds of possible keyword (industry-related) ideas, to generate catchy and unique names for your software.

Other notable features of BizNameWiz software name generator include cloud computing, automated name generation, secure database, 99.9% uptime, flexible platform, free domain (.com), multiple generators (up to 8), online resources, and more.

BizNameWiz is available for free. However, third-party services (like BlueHost domain hosting) are offered at varying costs.

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Anadea – AI-optimized algorithms

Anadea software name generator

Anadea is an all-in-one software name generator, which can be used to generate new business names, application names, and website/domain names. It is an online tool that can be deployed on any OS platform.

Anadea generates unique names that are searchable, catchy, and memorable. And like most online software name generators, it uses an AI-optimized set of algorithms that automatically generate suitable names for businesses, apps, and websites.

To generate a name using this tool, all you need to do is to type in some keywords that are relevant to your business, app, or website. Depending on the keywords provided, you are provided good suggestions within seconds.

The software is flexibly designed to generate names for different categories of businesses, ranging from real estate to healthcare to software development.

Basically, Anadea is very easy to use, and you can generate names (English or Russian) for as many categories of businesses as you want.

Interestingly, Anadea’s software name generator is offered at absolutely no cost. So you can easily navigate to the platform, and generate as many names as you want.

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Many developers and new business owners often find it difficult to name their inventions and startups respectively. More often than not, they spend days or weeks brainstorming, with no real idea forthcoming.

If you are in this situation, we have proffered a solution for you in this article.

Herein, we have outlined five of the best software name generators in the market, any of which can be employed to generate names for your startup or software/app.

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