5+ best webinar software for Windows 10/11

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  • Webinar software is usually used to give all sorts of presentations to audiences.
  • When choosing one, look closely at its features, and make sure it has everything you need.
  • Many of these applications offer different types of subscriptions, so pick one that is right for you.

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Webinars are on top of today’s modern technologies for online promotion. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a content provider, a software creator, or an online training provider, you really need to connect with your audience as close as possible in order to become successful.

To convert your audience into potential buyers, you need to make this connection in a real way so that you will be able to engage the viewer.

Webinar software can help you discover more about your target audience and fit your presentation to your viewers. Such programs will also help you tell all about your services and products to a broader audience, and that’s why they are particularly appropriate for software companies.

There are lots of webinars on the market and we have narrowed the list down to five of the best along with their essential features.

How does webinar software works?

Webinar software lets you host a presentation online and stream it to others. This can be extremely useful if not everyone can attend the presentation.

Webinar software (Source: Goto)

Hosting a webinar also has benefits, such as reduced cost, and the only thing you need to make a presentation is the software and an optional web camera.

Is there free webinar software?

Good webinar software doesn’t always have to be paid for, and many options are available for free. This means that you only need to sign up and you can go ahead and host a presentation.

There’s a caveat though, and usually, that’s the number of people that you can join your presentation, so keep that in mind when choosing your software.

Which are the best webinar tools on the market?


Pexip is a professional video conferencing tool that is designed specifically with the corporate environment in mind, bringing together a toolset that will make it a welcome addition to any company.

Not only does it provide high-quality video feeds, being powered by Pexip’s AI-powered engine that uses Adaptive Composition to reduce distractions and offers a more natural, relaxed experience.

It is also very flexible in terms of deployment, so if you work in environments where you would like your own instance of Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or AWS, then Pexip has that covered.

Another key factor in why Pexip should be chosen is the fact that it boasts several features that directly or indirectly improve the security of your calls and conversations.

This includes video call encryption, PIN-based access to video calls, and tools that give the video call’s host the ability to quickly add and remove people from the virtual room.

Lastly, Pexip is designed to work well with whatever other tools your company may be using, including popular services like Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, or Skype for Business.


A list of webinar tools would be incomplete if we didn’t include Pexip in it.

Try Pexip visit website

Webinar Ninja

Using a webinar software solution for the first time can be a bit frustrating until you learn what all those buttons do and how to get the most out of the features the tool supports. But this is not the case with Webinar Ninja.

The platform offers plenty of ready-to-use templates and webinar page designs that will help you deliver the information you want without any hassle.

Thanks to these templates, you no longer need to waste precious time working on the aesthetics of your presentations as this aspect has been already taken care of.

When hosting a webinar, audience engagement is key to success. One of the most important features of Webinar Ninja is the FAQ section.

You can use this area to collect all the questions from your audience in a single place and then deliver the corresponding answers. In this manner, no question is lost and all the questions are answered — an approach that your audience will definitely appreciate.

Other audiences engaging features include polls, screen share, live chat, email notifications, and more.

Webinar Ninja is a cloud-based platform that makes it very easy for your attendees to join your webinars from any device. Nobody needs to download anything. For more information, feel free to check out the full demo.

Interested in using Webinar Ninja? Use the link below to connect to the platform.

Webinar Ninja

A fast, reliable, and secure web hosting.

Check price Visit website


Just as its name suggests, EasyWebinar is the go-to platform if you want to easily plan and host webinars. This sales and customer relationship-oriented tool has a series of interesting features that will help you to boost your sales and increase brand awareness.

EasyWebinar offers an impressive full suite marketing solution that will make potential customers want to buy your products. You can host product demonstrations, show people how your products can help them, and thus generate leads.

If you need to deliver training seminars, EasyWebinar is the right tool for the job. Your sales team will get familiar with new products in no time and they’ll be able to sell more products.

Knowing your customers is the key to success. The platform supports a wide array of customer tracking tools that allow you to profile your audience so as to learn what they want and predict their behavior.

So, if sales are your line of work and you need a webinar solution to boost your sales, try EasyWebinar. You won’t regret it.

Get EasyWebinar


ClickMeeting is a versatile webinar platform targeting marketing and sales teams as well as educators. So, if you need a reliable tool to showcase your products, plan the next step for your business or deliver online courses, ClickMeeting won’t let you down.

This platform offers all the features you need to prepare and plan your webinar. The address book helps you better manage attendees and keep them informed. The waiting room features let you display the agenda and the highlights so that people may know what to expect.

The sub-accounts and multi-users features allow you to better definite everybody’s roles. These features will come in handy when other colleagues or external trainers take part in the webinar.

When it comes to delivering your message, ClickMeeting has got you covered. The whiteboard feature lets you better illustrate your ideas, while the Call-To-Action button pushes your audience to act fast.

Once the webinar is over, you can analyze its performance by checking the statistics and attendee reactions, deriving predictions, checking social media engagement, and more.

For more information on the complete array of features, go to ClickMeeting’s presentation page.

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Interested in hosting your next webinar with ClickMeeting? Hit the link below.

Get ClickMeeting


GetResponse is a complex marketing program that is used by small, medium, and large businesses and entrepreneurs.

This solution comes with a webinar platform but also with all kinds of marketing tools such as autoresponders, custom emails, a list segmentation feature, and more.

Take a look at the most impressive features packed in the GetResponse solution:

  • It provides the email database and the webinar tool in a single place
  • The account holder can schedule webinar campaigns for subscribers and send them reminders
  • The event can also be shared on social media
  • You have the ability to use the registration features to collect emails and then to send automatic messages to the users
  • It comes with YouTube integration for viewing the videos
  • The solution allows desktop sharing
  • You can also use polls and surveys for getting instant feedback
  • GetResponse comes with an integrated whiteboard for drawings and notes as well
  • It provides detailed reports

You also have the opportunity to try out a free 30-day trial and the basic plans of this solution include up to 100 participants.

Extended projects include up to 500 participants, so they are best suited for larger companies.

Get GetResponse


WebinarJam is one of the most straightforward intuitive webinar solutions on the market. It’s the best solution for selling a product during a webinar, and it allows you to have popup calls to action during the webinar so that your audience can buy your products effortlessly.

Check out the most relevant features that are packed in WebinarJam:

  • The chat contains relevant comments highlighting and the ability to moderate comments
  • It also provides the opportunity to send private messages to moderators
  • This platform is best suitable for coaching, consulting and promoting new products
  • The program allows up to 6 co-presenters who will all be shown on one screen
  • You can temporarily turn the attendee into a presenter
  • WebinarJam works in all browsers, operating systems, and devices that use the latest technologies
  • The program is able to record the webinar automatically and it provides a re-play option to attendees

The attendees can send a request to speak and turn into speakers for a while before returning to the attendee mode. WebinarJam is ideal for companies of all sizes, and it’s one of the most excellent webinar software out there.

Get WebinarJam


The coolest thing about Zoom is that it provides essential webinar features without having to pay anything. In other words, if your meetings are less than 40 minutes and the number of participants is under 100, Zoom is free of charge.

The reason for this is that this tool is built for larger companies that will pay lots of cash for video conferencing technology.

Take a look at Zoom’s most impressive features below:

  • It provides excellent video conferencing features including screen sharing, annotations on the screen, private and group chats, and more
  • You can create recurring meetings with the same link
  • Get a simultaneous Screen Share for more participants
  • There’s also a free desktop and app sharing
  • It works on all devices and platforms
  • Note that it records everything at the event including the questions asked by the participants via chat and videos from multiple presenters

Zoom is primarily used for teaching purposes, but this doesn’t mean that entrepreneurs and corporate users will not find it useful as well.

The paid features include detailed webinar reports, admin controls, cloud storage for recordings, the personal subdomain for events, and more.

Get Zoom

My Own Conference

My Own Conference is an amazing online web service that anyone can use to create meetings of both personal and of a business nature, all thanks to the tools and features that it brings.

The system is very stable, guaranteeing 99.98% uptime so that you can get your message through clearly and without interruptions.

The service can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a web browser, and you can use it to remind users of upcoming meetings with automatic email invitations.

It is currently available in 16 different languages, and the multi-speaker support makes it so that everyone that has something to say will get the chance to say it.

Note that for a more personal touch, your own webinar can be customized with whatever elements you want, including banners, logos, and backgrounds.

For those that need a bit more management, My Own Conference lets you blacklist users, or just send them warning messages beforehand.

Your meetings can be recorded and shared, you can perform screen recordings, and the program lets you upload and transfer files instantly, so interactions between you and your viewers will be enhanced.

Lastly, My own conference lets you know what your attendees think even when you’re not around, thanks to a feature that lets you create tests and surveys through it.

Get My Own Conference

How much bandwidth does webinar software use?

This depends on various factors, such as the service that you’re using and the quality of the video stream, as well as if you’re sharing your screen with others.

Bandwidth requirements (Source: Zoom)

Can webinar software work in a web browser?

Most of these applications work as online services, and many are accessible through a web browser. This means that if you want to join a webinar, you just need to use your web browser.

However, if you’re hosting, it might be better to use actual software for the best results.

If you’re attending a webinar, you’ll need up to 4Mbps for a full HD video. On the other hand, if you’re hosting a webinar, the required upload and download speed should be around 4Mbps for full HD video.

These are six of the best webinar programs that you can find these days. To make up your mind and choose the ideal one for your needs, you should consider your budget, the size of your audience, and the necessity of analytics tools.

If you need something less demanding, you can always use video conferencing software instead, which does the same thing on a smaller scale.

What is your webinar software of choice? Let us know in the comments section below.

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