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best SEO tools

Numerous surveys have revealed that more than 70% of consumers (and this number keeps increasing), carry out searches online prior to visiting a business, or making a purchase.  But how do you cut through loads of information online, to secure yourself a spot on the first page (or at least the first three pages) of a search engine software may help you.

Search engine optimization (SEO), also known as organic search marketing, is simply a process that sends signals to search engines that your site is the best, most trusted, and most authoritative in your industry.


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Ideally, search engines are constantly sifting through the billions of content online, to pick out only what is of value to the searcher – in this case – your target audience or customer.

They’re a great source for targeted traffic, so in order to prove that yours is the best site worth showing to your target audience, you can do either of two things:

  • Get an SEO specialist to ensure you rank at the top of search engine results
  • Get an SEO software tool that can analyze your site and help you rank better.

A specialist will analyze, review, and implement changes to your site so as to optimize it for search engines – in short, they know which buttons to touch to get you at the top.

They understand site requirements such as keyword research, SEO copywriting, website layouts, internal and external links, as well as search engine marketing and advertising techniques for SEO.

On the other hand, an SEO software tool is also ideal, because it not only analyzes your site, but also gives you recommendations, and helps you rank better without paying for placement.

However, it is up to you to interpret the results of the analysis and optimize it by yourself.

Some of the tasks an SEO software tool will help you fulfill include:

  • Providing insights through keyword analysis, backlink tracking, and trend analysis
  • Identify best search relevance improvement strategies for your site
  • Providing competitor data and industry analysis
  • Providing insights on areas for improvement of your site
  • Provide background reports on optimization metrics
  • Some offer paid search optimization tools that analyze pay-per-click advertising, conversion metrics, and ad placement

Before you get an SEO software tool, you need to know what to look for in an SEO software tool.

A good SEO software tool should ideally provide the following features:

  1. Effective keyword tool discovery
  2. Competition analysis, including the strategies they use
  3. Website auditing with suggestions for improvement
  4. Scalability – can works with large volumes of data
  5. Support for local and international markets
  6. SEO execution on various platforms including social, mobile and desktop
  7. Change tracking, and monitoring metrics
  8. Customer support with continual professional guidance
  9. Can be purchased online via a reputable provider (preferably the company that offers it), or the company’s official website

Now that you know what SEO software can do for you, and what to consider as you look for one, the next step is to find a reliable tool.

What are the best SEO tools to boost my search rankings?


semrush SEO

This tool offers comprehensive keyword research, domain analytics, backlink tracking, as well as search breakdowns on desktop and mobile platforms.

Although it is not as compact as the Moz Pro, this tool has a fantastic feature called SEO ideas, which gives it a competitive edge over other tools.

The SEO ideas feature lets you identify your site’s high value pages so you can optimize based on click through rates (CTRs) and impressions, among other page metrics. Once you select the pages, SEMrush lets you know how to prioritize them, and how much traffic you can get based on this alignment.

It also comes with Trello integration, which means you can create a task and delegate within your team.

Why we like SEMrush:

  • Its SEO ideas feature offers unique value
  • Identifies high probability ranking pages
  • Hyper-local SEO targeting
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Proactive SEO recommendations
  • You can conduct campaigns on multiple targets drilled down by city, at one go
  • Custom business solutions for special marketing needs such as on-site training, add-on features, and custom keyword databases
  • Position tracking tool checks which keywords trigger different SERP features, both owned by you and those owned by your competitors


All the tools and reports your business needs nowadays to stay ahead of the competition and attract growth.

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Ahrefs SEO software

This tool is revered for its exceptional web crawling capabilities (over 6 billion pages on a daily basis), comprehensive domain monitoring and analysis, as well as in-depth SERP analysis.

Ahrefs comes with a dashboard that displays everything you need to execute your SEO activities, both in summarized and detailed formats.

This SEO software tool meets all your SEO needs by providing comprehensive reports, competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink checks, research on what content works for your niche, keyword rank tracking, and monitoring your niche through alerts.

It also comes highly recommended by leading marketing and SEO names such as Neil Patel (KissMetrics), Brian Dean (Backlinko), and Jon Cooper (Pointblankseo), among others.

Why we like Ahrefs:

  • Displays exact words competitors rank for
  • Has a 240+ million keyword database in the US, and in more than 100 other countries
  • Mammoth database of 3 billion keywords
  • Covers all your bases in keyword research and ongoing monitoring
  • Exceptional domain analysis
  • Provides insights on searcher behavior
  • Runs the world’s largest, top-notch index of live backlinks (over 12 trillion)
  • Crawls over 4 billion web pages every 24 hours, with fresh data updates every 15 minutes
  • Site explorer feature helps you see all backlinks and SEO metrics for any website
  • Content explorer feature helps you know which sites don’t link back to you, best-performing content, and search traffic
  • Provides automated daily/weekly/monthly ranking reports
  • Tracks keyword rankings from any location
  • Provides graphical ranking history report
  • You can set up keyword alerts related to your business and the tool sends you an email notification of this (helps you get new opportunities to serve your audience)

Download Ahrefs

Moz Pro

Moz Pro Seo Software tool

You cannot search for SEO software tools without coming across Moz Pro.

This tool helps you improve your search engine visibility and rankings, by deciphering the volumes of data online, to give you the highest quality of data, and actionable insights for decision making.

Salient features include keyword rankings, keyword research, link analysis, site crawling, page optimization, and comprehensive reporting with action based recommendations.

Why we like Moz Pro:

  • It is an all-in-one SEO software tool combining all elements of the perfect SEO tool into one single suite
  • It is user friendly, no need for expert technical knowledge on SEO to operate it
  • Ties SEO data directly to business outcomes
  • Access to SEO metrics for every page you visit online
  • Identifies outreach opportunities for rich backlinks
  • Benchmarks your site versus those of competitors
  • Identifies helpful, valuable, and strategic content topics for your site
  • Monitors the web for mentions of your brand, products, and competitors
  • Access to inbound marketing resources

Download Moz Pro


After you have done an SEO analysis with one of the above-mentioned SEO tools, you absolutely need to go hands-on and start working to improve your web pages in order to gain more traffic. WordLift focuses on semantic SEO and it will help you reach a wider audience, unleashing the power of artificial intelligence to enrich your content.

This tool analyzes the content of your articles and pages, detects the content through natural language processing and then adds a layer of schema.org metadata. In this way, WordLift turns your web texts into an open book for search engines, which can finally unambiguously understand your pages and serve them to the users who are looking for that exact information.

There is even more: WordLift is like a smart librarian that will help you organize your content. In fact, it improves the information architecture of your website and offers your readers relevant internal links and ultimately an engaging user experience.

WordLift is available both as a plugin for WordPress and as a Cloud service, that can be used on any CMS thanks to an easy-to-install javascript library.

There are several plans, to meet the needs and expectations of businesses and websites of any size. WordLift Business Subscription also includes full access to WooRank, an SEO platform that analyzes your website and allows you to measure your progress in terms of SEO rankings.

Why we like WordLift:

  • Offers a unique and comprehensive approach to semantic SEO
  • Adds to your content the schema.org markup, allowing search engines to best index and display your website
  • Organizes your content building a publicly available knowledge graph of your website
  • Extends the average dwell time of your website, keep readers engaged with relevant content recommendations
  • Enriches your content with a meaningful internal linking
  • Supports your writing process with trustworthy and contextual facts
  • Expands your website with an internal vocabulary, which adds a great value in terms of SEO, because it helps search engines understand the semantic domain of your website.

Download WordLift

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite SEO software tool

This toolkit comes with four elements that are loaded with features that make it ideal for your SEO needs. These include:

  • Rank Tracker
  • SEO SpyGlass
  • Website Auditor
  • LinkAssistant

Rank Tracker

This feature allows you to monitor your search rankings by tracking your keywords, and checking them within a specified time schedule.

Within the Rank Tracker are features such as keyword suggestions, results comparisons, and reports that can be exported, all at the click of a button.

This feature lets you see where you rank based on keywords, and the best part is that its interface is user friendly, while providing accurate data and additional insights for decision making.

SEO SpyGlass

This feature spies on your competitors’ backlinks, and in turn help you identify viable or suitable link building opportunities for your own site.

It also helps you identify possible harmful domains, gives detailed statistics for your backlinks, offers multiple backlink data information/sources, and generates useful reports for decision making.

Website auditor

This feature lets you optimize your website so you can rank well based on keywords.

It literally does all the legwork, giving you useful analysis on your content, overview of your domain, and generates a full audit of your site thus you’re able to identify what’s wrong, and take the necessary measures to correct and/or optimize your site.


This feature makes link building easier, if used in the right way.

It allows you to identify what sites you can approach, manage your emails, and still track links you may have earned in the long run. It also comes with Google Analytics integration, and helps you identify link building opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

Why we like SEO PowerSuite:

  • Unlimited free trial option (but with limited features)
  • If you get this tool, you can opt to get its four elements separately (if you don’t need all of them)
  • Helps track your site’s rankings
  • Helps you optimize your site, posts, and pages
  • Helps you identify link building opportunities
  • Detailed reporting with customizable templates

Download SEO Powersuite

The SEO software market is constantly getting new tools, so if you’re confused about which SEO software tool to pick for your site, you’re better off going with the popularly used and reviewed ones such as these five tools we’ve recommended.

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