Need for Speed takes one-year break to prep for 2017 launch

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Need for Speed, the long-running racing series, will allow its engine to cool down for a year. According to the game’s developer, Ghost Games, it won’t release any new installment until 2017, opting to use this time to consult with fans in the aim of gathering feedback on how the next version should look like.

Ghost Games also announced that the SpeedList update would be their last free update in 2016. In the 2016-2017 period, the company will be focusing on finding inspiration for the next NFS game from their fans:

That’s not to say that we’re going quiet between now and then… far from it. We’ll be working with our community and there will be multiple opportunities to bring many of you into the studio in the coming months to get your feedback on where we’re headed.

Ghost Games also thanked its fans for the feedback they have already offered, much of which has been used to shape the free content updates for NFS. Fans have already started to present their wishlist of features for the 2017 game version of the NFS forum:

In my opinion these features would be great to see in NFS 2017.
Cars: Purely everyday rides combined with muscle cars, vintage cars and exotics with a maximum top speed of 155 mph. […]
World: At least some variety in the environment, it doesn’t have to be set in a huge world.
DLC: Give us at least DLC that is worth the time, energy and maybe money that is worth it to download.
Others: A good story, a good variety in race types (not 4 types of the same kind of races like in NFS 2015). If there would be a pursuit system, let there be a good one or just leave it for multiplayer only or remove it completely. As for music I would like to see radio stations.

If you haven’t yet tried the game, check out its trailer for Windows PC. The game was initially released for Xbox One but has recently landed on Windows PCs as well, offering up to ten hours of car racing adventures with no restrictions.

What new features would you like to see in NFS 2017? Write your ideas in the comment section below and don’t forget to send your feedback to Ghost Games as well — they just might make your dream come true.



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