5 Best Network Scanner For Windows 10/11 & Mac

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  • Network scanner tools allow you to identify various security issues in your network and safeguard from potential threats.
  • These tools can automate network scanning with scheduled scan routines offering up-to-date security reports. 
  • Irrespective of whether you are looking to implement it for a large corporation or a home network, IP scanning solutions can be scaled to meet your requirements.
  • Make sure to read through the details and choose the best network scanner tool for your network. 
OpUtils is an IP address and Switch port management program meant to help IT specialists monitor, troubleshoot and fix the most common IT resources. It works together with othe rtools to provide real-time management and monitoring capabilities.
OpUtils will provide you with the following:
  • Management over your IP addresses
  • Management ove ryour Switch Ports
  • Detection of rogue decives
  • Bandwifth monitoring
  • Management of your Config files

Give your IT administrators a helping hand and solve some of the most common IT issues with the help of this great service.

Network administrators perform a network reconnaissance for identifying security threats that can cause unauthorized breaches resulting in critical data loss and system shutdown.

Network scanners for Windows 10 and Mac are software that can help you identify various network issues and prevent potential threats to your network.

When working in large organizations, managing the IP address can be a messy task. IP scanners can help you to scan IP, port, manage IP address, and more.

These tools can help managers, testers, and hackers find loopholes that unknown entities can exploit.

In this article, we have listed the best 5 network scanner for Windows 10 and Mac to help you ensure access to critical system resources are secure.

What are the best network scanners for Windows and Mac

PRTG Network Monitor 

network scanner for Windows 10

PRTG Network Monitor is an all-in-one network monitoring solution. With PRTG, you can monitor your network and receive timely alerts when there is a breakdown or disruption.

Apart from monitoring your network devices, it can also monitor applications and network traffic.

During the installation, PRTG Network Monitor scans the private IP address of the area in the tool’s subnetwork. The IP sensor allows you to check all devices’ reachability, while the IP snipper can filter your traffic by IP addresses, servers, computers, laptops, or printers, among others.

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Key features of PRTG Network Monitor :

  • IP scanner with auto-discovery feature to scan and add private IP addresses automatically 
  • IP sensor to check the reachability with your IP Network 
  • Filter traffic by IP addresses, server, computer, and laptops using Packet Sniffer 
  • Tons of pre-configured SNMP sensors compatible with multiple vendors 
PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor

Easily and efficiently scan your networks with the amazingly efficient PRTG Network Monitor software today.
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ManageEngine OpUtils 

network scanner for Mac

ManageEngine OpUtils is an IP address and switch port management tool designed to help engineers efficiently monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot network resources. With A comprehensive set of 20+ tools, you can manage switches and IP Address Space.

ManageEngine OpUtils can help you perform network monitoring tasks like identifying unauthorized device intrusion, monitoring bandwidth usage and availability of critical devices, and backing up Cisco configuration files.

Other notable features include config file management, wake-in LAN tool, SNMP and CISCO tools, diagnostic and network monitoring tools, and address monitoring tools.

Key features of ManageEngine OpUtils:

  • Scan IPv4 and IPv6 subjects in the network to identify available and used IP addresses 
  • Switch port management and rogue device detection 
  • Bandwidth monitor and config file management 
  • Tons of network monitoring tools compatible with existing applications 

ManageEngine OpUtils

This easy to use but efficient software will enable you to scan your networks with just a few clicks of your mouse.
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Angry IP Scanner

network scanner for Windows 10

Angry IP Scanner is a fast and reliable IP address and port scanner. It can scan IP addresses and their ports in any range. The tools’ cross platform nature means it is compatible with both Windows, Mac, and other major system OS.

Angry IP Scanner works by pinging each IP address in your network to check if it’s active, and then proceed to resolve its hostname, determine the MAC, scan ports, and more if required. 

Scanner results can be saved to and exported in CSV, TXT, XML, or IP-Port list files. Additional features supported by the software include NetBIOS information, favorite IP address ranges, web server detection, customizable openers, etc.

Key features Angry IP Scanner:

  • Lightweight and cross-platform IP scanner 
  • Pings and optionally resolves hostname, scans ports, determine MAC address 
  • NetBIOS information gathering 
  • Saved data can be exported in multiple formats 

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Network Scanner by LizardSystems

network scanner for Windows 10

Network Scanner by LizardSystems is an IP scanner software that can be used in large corporations with large IT networks and small home networks with a few computers. It can scan a list of IP addresses, computers, and a range of IP addresses along with the number of computers and subnets.

Along with FTP and web resources, it can also show shared resources. Network administrators and regular users can use it for auditing network computers and searching for available network resources.

Key features of Network Scanner:

  • Easy to use for network administrators and regular users 
  • Multi-threaded scanning to scan multiple computers per minute 
  • Excellent filtering options 
  • Network resource audit to check access rights to resources 

Get Network Scanner by LizardSystems


network scanner for Mac

Intruder is a web-based vulnerability scanner that can help find cybersecurity loopholes in your IT Infrastructure and prevent potential data breaches. It offers enterprise-grade security, perimeter specifics to find mistakes that can increase your external attack surface, and emerging threat scan to automatically scan the system for security issues as they appear.

Intruders can monitor your cloud systems to maintain perfect visibility of your system, receive intelligent results that need minimal human analysis, and report on actionable issues that have a genuine impact on your security.

Key features of Intruder:

  • Excellent threat coverage with over 1000 checks 
  • Emerging threat scan 
  • Compatible with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud connectors 
  • API integration with your CI/CD pipeline 

Get Intruder

System administrators use IP scanning tools to perform a quick check of their network infrastructure. These tools are used to scan all devices on your LAN and WLAN.

Most of the software listed in this article is cross-platform compatible and works with Windows 10 and Mac systems in particular. 

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