10 Best Network Security Antiviruses to Use For Your Business

Protect your business with these best antivirus solutions

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • When it comes to protecting your business against cyber threats, you need the best network security antivirus.
  • With our picked antivirus programs, you can rest assured that you're safe from any spam, and malware emails.
  • These reliable solutions include great features, such as application control, and mobile security.
  • Our top options for network security include real-time protection and use AI technologies to provide better protection.
best network security antivirus
ESET Antivirus comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:
  • Anti-theft support
  • Banking-level encryption
  • Advanced digital threat protection

Digitization has brought with it a myriad of threats like viruses and malware in all their forms, which are constantly being revised and added to the plethora of already existing and curable threats.

Such threats infiltrate business networks raising an urgent need for network security antivirus programs that can protect the network from one endpoint to another effectively.

Network security is thus designed to protect the usage, integrity, privacy, and availability of your business network, and the data therein, including your hardware and software.

In order to safeguard your data and information from threats and breaches in your network, you need an effective network security antivirus.

It should include features such as access control, behavioral analytics, data loss prevention, firewalls, email security, VPN and web security, and mobile device and wireless security, among many others.

Here are the best network security antivirus solutions you can use for your business, no matter if it’s just a small one or a corporation.


What is the best network security antivirus to use?

ESET Protect – Customizable security solutions

ESET Protect is one of the best antivirus solutions for small to large businesses. It protects your company endpoints, business data, and users with its multilayered technology.

The antivirus platform offers customizable security solutions, easy to manage from a cloud console. The remote security management tool is available both as cloud or on-premise.

Additionally, it features real-time protection for your company’s data passing through all general servers, and blocks all spam and malware emails at the server level, before they reach users’ mailboxes.

ESET Protect offers a premium threat defense characteristic with full protection against the latest cyber threats that use adaptive scanning and comprehensive behavioral analysis.

ESET Protect

Use a scalable and customizable solution that keeps your business one step ahead of any threat.
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Bitdefender Internet Security – Unbeatable full protection

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Bitdefender Internet Security is an outstanding antivirus app that can easily safeguard your business because of its advanced protection features.

Your data and privacy will always be safe from all digital threats, including viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, rootkits, spyware, and many others.

It has new cyber threat intelligence technologies that analyze and identify malicious network-related activities and block botnet URLs and cyber attacks.

Bitdefender Internet Security has an improved web-filtering technology that makes sure you never access malicious websites by ensuring that your search outcomes are safe before you even click the specific links.

Your financial data, including card numbers and passwords, are secured with the Bitdefender app because it blocks instantly any untrustworthy sites that may steal them.

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Bitdefender Internet Security

Proactively checking any potential harmful activities that can damage your business.
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Kaspersky – Powerful multi-layered security

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This network security antivirus provides agile security for any small, medium-sized, or enterprise business structure.

With Kaspersky endpoint security, you get powerful multi-layered security with extensive features on an easy-to-use interface that adapts to your needs regardless of your business size.

Features include application control, mobile security, preconfigured security profiles, a simple and intuitive cloud-based console, and an on-premise console with a granular setup.

It also comes with advanced protection for workstations and file servers, mobile device and application management, data encryption, as well as vulnerability and patch management.

It is a feature-packed network security antivirus for the best protection on your network’s endpoints.


Protect your servers, and computers with a great antivirus without affecting their performance.
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Avast Premium Security – SharePoint server protection

Avast Premium Security is another reliable solution that you can use to protect your network and all your business data from computer viruses and other threats.

The endpoint protection feature keeps your network safe when it’s accessed by wireless or mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

This antivirus uses artificial intelligence, behavior-based machine learning, and proactive cloud threat lab analysis capabilities to keep your business fully protected from advanced cyber threats.

Additionally, it offers protection for your company’s data, including SharePoint Server Protection, and Exchange Server Protection.

Avast Premium Security

Artificial intelligence with behavior-based machine learning to protect your business at all times.
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Avira – Vulnerable networks protection

Avira represents versatile and scalable security for your small business and a single license covers up to 50 devices.

With Avira, you get ultimate security with complete endpoint protection, secure online privacy, and optimized speed and performance.

It scans your entire system with one click for malware, weak passwords, outdated apps, and vulnerable networks, bringing together the power of a dozen apps within one, easy-to-use interface.

Moreover, it protects your business data, and your devices from all types of threats, including ransomware, fake and infected websites, malicious email attachments, and phishing attacks.


Protect protects your business data with a cross-platform and multi-device antivirus solution.
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Malwarebytes – Multiple protection technologies

This is an advanced network security antivirus whose next-gen technology protects your business from attacks and remediates damages that other network security solutions don’t.

With Malwarebytes’ endpoint protection, which is delivered from the cloud for centralized management, you get seven layers of technology driven by the best-informed telemetry.

This technology protects endpoints from threats, both known and unknown. It prevents ransomware, malware, zero-day exploits, adware, and PUPs, among other threats.

You can have on-premise endpoint security with multiple technologies to protect your network proactively against threats, plus the incident response detects and remediates threats.


Malwarebytes business solutions bring a multi-layer defense model that scales with your needs.
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Webroot – Threat intelligence platform

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Webroot’s endpoint protection is a network security antivirus with multi-vector protection to secure all your endpoints and users across all stages of a cyber-attack.

Features include deep learning that uses a layered approach to refine and enhance the accuracy of threat classification.

It also includes advanced behavioral heuristics, 100 percent efficacy over 24 hours, fast deployment and scans, no conflict with other security software, and no reimaging.

Furthermore, you’ll get online management anywhere and at any time, plus you can use it on a flexible billing arrangement with monthly or annual subscription options.

It also has the Threat Intelligence Platform, a cloud-based architecture that classifies and scores 95% of the internet thrice daily, providing the accuracy and context you need to protect your network.


Use one of the best antiviruses with next-gen protection for endpoints and computer networks.
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McAfee – Dynamic application containment

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McAfee solutions orchestrate integrated cyber environments where protection, detection, and correction of threats occur simultaneously and collaboratively.

With McAfee endpoint security, you get intelligent and collaborative defenses against advanced threats with actionable forensics to prevent and fight them.

It helps you protect your productivity and get visibility into advanced threats as it shares events to take actions against potentially dangerous applications, downloads, websites, and files immediately.

The framework is futuristic and extensible so you can centralize it as your business grows, and the defenses evolve automatically while adapting its defense as threats are dynamic in nature.

The main features include Real Protect machine learning and Dynamic Application Containment to stop zero-day threats as they emerge, and thwart malware with reputation.


In-depth protection against dangerous applications, malicious websites, and other digital threats.
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Symantec – Memory exploit mitigation

This is the world’s most advanced single-agent endpoint network security antivirus with prevention, detection, and response, deception , and adaptation capabilities.

It secures your network’s endpoints to beat ransomware and unknown attacks using multi-layered protection.

Also, it minimizes false positives with machine learning and behavioral analysis, and blocks zero-day attacks that prey on your apps with memory exploit mitigation.

Features include antiphishing, vulnerability scans, fine-tuning for detection engines to optimize security status, safe browsing, and auto-classification of risk levels on all endpoint apps in use or resting.

It also reduces bandwidth usage, enables faster scanning times, and reduces IT resource use through automated updates to lower costs.

Get Symantec Endpoint Protection

Comodo Internet Security for Business

Another great antivirus for businesses is Comodo Internet Security. It has real-time protection that will put unknown files in a virtual environment and prevent any potential damage to your network.

The software also has a built-in firewall allowing you to easily manage which applications can access the Internet.

As for additional features, there’s Host Intrusion Protection, File Reputation Look-Up as well as Behavioral Analysis. URL Filtering feature is also available so you can restrict access to certain websites.

As for policies, using this tool you should be able to manage services, processes, and apps. It also has a default-deny anti-malware feature that will automatically prevent system access to unknown files.

In order to ensure that there’s no data theft, Comodo Internet Security for Business also allows you to manage USB devices and prevent them from running on all PCs in your network.

Get Comodo Internet Security

If you want to discover even more security solutions for your Windows 10 computer, take a look at our dedicated guide and choose the one you like.

Are you ready to take your network security a new notch higher? Let us know which of these best network security antivirus software matches your needs by leaving a comment in the section below.

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