Nikon camera not taking pictures? Try these solutions

by Tashreef Shareef
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Nikon camera autofocus issue
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Unlike smartphones, a camera is made for only one purpose and that is taking pictures. Sometimes, your Nikon camera may stop doing that one job is it made for. Several users have reported Nikon camera not taking pictures issue with their camera.

Nikon camera users took to the Reddit community to explain issues with their DSLR camera.

I recently found a charger for my mom’s old camera and wanted to use it. When I try to take a picture, it makes some weird noise and doesn’t do anything. I googled it and all I could find was to press the AE-L AF-L button and shoot but it stopped working after a little. All the pictures came out blurry and was really zoomed in.

Follow the steps in this article to fix Nikon camera not taking pictures problem.

How to fix Nikon camera not taking pictures

1. Reset camera options

  1. If you don’t mind adjusting some settings and options from scratch the best way to fix the camera not taking a picture is to reset the camera options.
  2. Make sure your camera is turned on.
  3. Go into Menu and select Settings (gear icon).
    Nikon camera not taking pictures
  4. Select the Reset Setup option.
  5. Select Yes to confirm the action.
  6. Now try to focus and click a picture. Check for any improvements.

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2. Check focus and light conditions

Nikon camera not taking pictures

  1. Most of the issues related to Nikon camera not taking pictures has to do with the camera being not able to focus.
  2. To achieve optimal focus, make sure there is sufficient light in the direction of the object. This is also true for contrast in the direction of of the object.
  3. If necessary, turn on the flashlight and try clicking the picture.
  4. Check your lens’ minimum focus distance before shooting any object. If the object is closer than the minimum focus distance of the lens’ then you need a new lens to take micro shots.
  5. Check the camera’s drive mode for self-timer option. If self-time is on, turn it off and then try clicking a picture.

3.  Check AE/AF Lock

  1. This issue can occur if you have changed the AutoFocus lock setting in the camera accidentally.
  2. On your camera, press the Menu button.
  3. Go to the Setup menu.
  4. Select “AE-LAF-L” button.
  5. If the option moves to AE/AF Lock which is the last option, then move it to the first option “AE/AF Lock” and press OK.
  6. Try to click a picture and check for any improvements.

4. Perform a power cycle

Nikon camera not taking pictures

  1. If the issue persists, try performing a power cycle. This is will reset any temporary issues with the camera.
  2. Shutdown the camera.
  3. Remove the lens.
  4. Remove the battery.
  5. Now move teh AF switch on the lest from A to AM. Do it a few times.
  6. Set the AF switch back to A.
  7. Reinsert the battery and the lens.
  8. Power on the camera and check if Nikon camera not taking pictures is resolved.

If the issue persists, you may need to take assistance from Nikon support. Contact support to deal with any hardware issues.


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