Notepad will soon get auto-complete suggestions for faster typing

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Windows 10 20H1 to bring AI-powered predictions

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Windows 10 20H1 will bring some exciting new features to the table. One of the major features is in-line text suggestions based on AI.

Twitter user Albacore revealed that the Spring 2020 feature update will introduce predictive typing to Notepad.

That means Windows 10 will now offer inline suggestions to users while typing. Albacore shared a short video that clearly shows this new feature works just like the Gmail Smart Compose feature.

Users get new text suggestions while typing on the keyboard. 

Apparently, the predictive typing feature is only restricted to Notepad and some other applications.

Windows currently offers a similar keyboard suggestion feature in the Windows May 2019 Update or older versions. However, this feature is not capable of providing quick suggestions. Windows 10 users need to use their keyboard or mouse to select any of the three options available.

The new AI-powered in-line text suggestions feature eliminates the need for manual selection.

As you can see in the video, the suggestions appear in the same line. You just need to press the tab key to auto-complete a  word or a sentence.

Notably, Microsoft is currently working on the feature. Expect some bugs when you test it for the first time. The tech giant is still working to improve the accuracy of text suggestions.

Windows Insiders should keep in mind that this is a hidden feature that needs to be manually enabled. There is no official word from Microsoft about the new text suggestion capabilities.

However, once the testing is in the final stages, the Redmond giant may share some more details.



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