Nvidia GeForce update improves Far Cry 5 graphics, fixes memory leaks

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You should keep all of your system’s hardware drivers regularly updated for maximum performance, security and efficiency. Your GPU is no exception.

Nvidia released the GeForce Game Ready 391.35 WHQL driver that bring improvements for various games, security patches and fixes for lots of issues.

If you are not currently using the GeForce Experience for driver updates, it’s recommended to get the latest driver from Nvidia’s official download site.

What’s included in Nvidia driver 391.35

The driver brings patches for a few security issues that were found in previous versions of the driver. The recommendation is that this driver gets installed on all the systems that have been affected by security flaws in order to protect them against potential attacks that are targeting them.

The latest GPU driver also includes enhancements for Far Cry 5, SLI profile enhancements for GRIP and WRC 7 and additions and 3D Vision Profiles Updates targeted at Far Cry 5, The Talos Principle and GRIP.

Here are the main issues fixed by this latest graphics card driver:

  • The issue where the import profile functionality of the GeForce 3D Profile Manager tool didn’t work
  • Memory leaks while using Nvidia Freestyle
  • Diablo III freeze
  • The issue where the driver was failing initialization of the GPU on notebooks

Known issues for NVIDIA Driver 391.35

Some of the known issues of the latest driver have been carried from previous versions. Here they are:

  • Green flickering in Far Cry 5 with HDR or non-native resolutions
  • Blue screen crash in Gears of War 4 on computers using Pascal graphics cards
  • Crash in Doom on GeForce GTX 1080 Ti systems
  • G-Sync displays going blank issue on systems with Nvidia Titan V
  • Display output issue on systems with two DVI monitors and DisplayPort
  • The problem where the OS fails after installing the GPU on motherboards with enabled Threadripper

Closing words

If you’re thinking of installing the full driver package, think again because it’s better to only install the driver for Nvidia GPU and more required components. It’s also recommended that you uninstall your old graphics driver before getting the latest one.

After the driver installation, check out Nvidia Telemetry Services or use the free software called Disable Nvidia Telemetry. you can find all the details about latest driver 391.35 in Nvidia’s official release notes.



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