NVIDIA releases hotfix for latest Windows 10 GeForce drivers

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Now that all of the fall’s major titles have hit stores, NVIDIA realizes it is the perfect opportunity to roll out Game Ready updates, creating a wave of excitement among PC gamers. This helps update PCs to become game ready for games like Battlefield 1, Civilization 6, and the upcoming release of Titanfall 2 this Friday.

NVIDIA yanked the GeForce 375.57 drivers and rolled out build 375.63 updates that come with a huge list of improvements, including the fix for Windows 10 Start menu tile issues, bad graphic card updates, and driver troubles that came with the last build along with severe headaches to gamers. In the 375.57 WHQL update, in addition with a few fixes and improved game support, gamers are rewarded with some VR as well.

The release notes mention a “Game Ready VR” section, so we can expect the classic series Serious Sam in Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope and the incoming Eagle Flight From Ubisoft, to be getting VR experiences.

What we have gathered from several sources including the Nvidia subreddit is that gamers were quite unhappy with the last 375.57 build that came with this list of gremlins:

  • Caused the Windows Store apps to crash frequently
  • Disabled drag and drop feature for Start menu tiles, and caused a system crash
  • Image artifacts in GIFs and videos.
  • Signal loss when refresh rate changed from 144 Hz to 240 Hz on BenQ ZOWIE monitors
  • Corrupted Overwatch decals and flickers on Ansel UI, when attempted to move an image with the cursor in  Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
  • Driver memory leaks in Forza Horizon 3
  • Encountering a blank screen on ASUS
  • A bug that when triggered, caused dots on all the characters in GTA V

This explains why NVIDIA rushed the latest build out and luckily, the new 375.63 drivers seem to work just fine and fixes all the messes of its predecessor. Another notable aspect is the convalesced performance and quality of motion vectors that come with the Motion-Estimation-Only mode of the video encoder, especially in stereo VR use cases. This feature contributes greatly in improving NVIDIA’s recording quality with stereo VR games.

Though there are some areas where the update hasn’t yet rolled out and GFE is still offering the bad 375.57 driver update, which may be caused by the delayed update for NVIDIA server. We would strongly recommend not to install it and instead get the newer driver directly from Nvidia’s website, especially if you are running Windows 10 on your systems.




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