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Emails are one of the most used means of communication today, with millions of them sent on a daily basis. With the development of webmail services, many people have switched from standard email clients even if webmail isn’t always the best option. Some users are unsurprisingly used to their favorite email client and prefer not to switch to webmail. If you’re one of those users, you might be interested in an email client called OE Classic.

OE Classic is a noteworthy Windows Live Mail alternative

Probably one of the most known email clients is Outlook Express, a program eventually replaced by Windows Live Mail. Microsoft released Windows Live Mail as an Outlook Express successor, with the email client receiving a hearty reception from Windows users. Even though Windows Live Mail was released way back in 2007, it quickly became one of the most used email clients on Windows platform.


Microsoft kept working on Windows Live Mail for years, but eventually the development of this email client was canceled. The last patch for this email client was released in 2012, and ever since then Windows Live Mail remains unchanged, leaving many of its bugs and vulnerabilities present. Still, Windows Live Mail works great on Windows 10 and older versions of Windows. Unfortunately, Microsoft dropped support for Windows Vista and Windows XP, instead deciding to focus on modern operating systems instead.

Since Windows Live Mail isn’t being developed anymore, it might not be the best application to use. Fortunately, there are many alternatives available, one of them being OE Classic. OE Classic is a small, simple email client, and its development team constantly working on it— making it one of the safest email clients available.

OE Classic takes the simplistic and minimalist design of Outlook Express and brings it to the Windows 10 platform, and is available on most versions of Windows, unlike Windows Live Mail. Older versions of Windows Live Mail will work on older versions of Windows, but they will lack major improvements and security patches, and so might not be the best choice if you’re concerned about your safety.


This email client is constantly being improved with new features, with the development team even entertaining feature requests. A standout is OE Classic’s secure message storage, built to preserve messages even if the PC it’s being used on loses power. Both Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail don’t have a feature like this, sometimes resulting in corrupted messages in the inbox.

Another feature that sets apart OE Classic from Windows Live Mail and its predecessor is the ability to easily move emails to a different computer. Using this feature ensures user won’t have to download all emails all over again, instead exporting their emails to continue where they left off. In order to achieve this, OE Classic stores data in SQLite/MBX public domain database formats.

OE Classic updates the simplicity of Outlook Express with new features. If you used Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail, you should definitely give OE Classic a try. We guarantee that you’ll feel right at home while using this application, and if you want to see a new feature added, the development team is always ready for suggestions and ideas.


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