How to open Apple files on Windows PC

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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open apple files on windows

When it comes to operating systems, some people prefer using Windows while others lean more on Apple’s OS. The part that raises problems for users is that Mac and Windows users often need to collaborate. Unfortunately Apple .pages files do not work on Windows PCs.

If you’re struggling with the same problem, in this article we’ll show you how to open the .pages files in Windows.

Open Apple files in Windows

To use an Apple file or a .pages file, all you have to do is copy it on your Windows computer or laptop and if you want to remove it from your USB key, generate a copy in case anything goes wrong. Now that you have the .pages file on your PC, you can just change the extension of the file into a .zip extension.

Mac .pages file windows pc

Note: In order to change the extension, you must have them enabled. If you don’t have them enabled, you just go to View and check the File name extensions checkbox.

After changing the extension to .zip all you have to do is open it with an archive opening application. Now that it is open, you just open the .jpg files and are able to see the content of the .pages file. This method allows you to open a file and view its content, but in order to modify the file, you need to use a converter and change the .pages file into a .docx and insert the newly converted file into Microsoft Word.

This is the most common solution we have for opening Apple files on Windows PCs. If you have any other solutions, please don’t hesitate to list them in the comments section below.


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