How to open EMZ files on Windows 10 PCs

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  • EMZ files are a type of compressed image file format that few programs can open.
  • The guide below is basically a list of programs that can open EMZ files, most of them being more or less known.
  • Adobe Photoshop, along with other tools that you may be familiar with can easily handly EMZ files.
  • Our File Opener page is filled with articles like this one where we cover what programs can open which files.
2 ways to open EMZ files in Windows 10

EMZ is a file extension for a compressed graphics file often used by the Microsoft Office Suite and Visio. If you have a received EMZ file to work with, your PC may not recognize the file format and be unable to access them.

Many users want to know how to open EMZ files in Windows 10. Follow the steps given in this article to learn how to access EMZ files.

How do I open an EMZ file?

1. Access EMZ Files with Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is and should be the go-to program for opening pretty much any image-type file format available, since it has near-universal compatibility with them all, including EMZ files.

Being a professional image editor also means that not only will you be able to open the EMZ file, but you will be able to edit, enhance, and doctor them in whatever way you see fit.

Finally, once you are done viewing and editing it, you can use the program to convert it to a different file format. For example, you can turn the EMZ file into something more easily accessible, such as JPG or BMP.

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7Zip can be used to access EMZ and extract the more-accessible EMF extension. Try it now.

2. Other Apps to try

how to open emz files

  • Microsoft Office 2016 – Apart from Microsoft Word app, you can also open the EMZ file with other Microsoft Office apps such as PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
  • File Viewer Plus – File Viewer Plus is a multipurpose file viewer application. You can open Documents, Media files, Archives as well as many other file formats including EMZ files using File Viewer Plus.
  • Microsoft Visio – Another popular Microsoft Program opens EMZ files is called Visio. It is a powerful diagramming solution that makes it easy to collaborate with your team and create professional-looking reports and charts.
  • XnView MP – XnView MP is one of the most popular photos viewer application with Image resizer and batch converter features. EMZ files usually containing a graphic property and you can access them using the XnView MP photo viewer app.

That’s it. The most common way to access the EMZ files is to use the Microsoft Office app. However, if you don’t have it installed, you can use one of the software listed in this article to open the EMZ Files.

Do let us know if you have any queries in the comments below.

FAQ: Learn more about EMZ files

  • What is an EMZ file?

An EMZ file is a compressed image file known as a Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile file.

  • What app opens EMZ files?

There are plenty of apps that can open EMZ files, such as Photoshop, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, and others.

  • Are EMZ files dangerous?

Since they are a type of graphic file, the is little chance that they can pose any type of threat. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t use a good antivirus tool to scan them.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2019 and has been since revamped and updated in May 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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