How to open EPS files on Windows 10 computers

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open EPS files windows 10

An EPS file is a format of graphics file saved in the Encapsulated PostScript format.  EPS files are usually used to save pictures of art such as drawing, logos or objects. In addition, it is also the standard file format for transferring image data between different operating systems. These files are used by different graphic and design editing applications which supports the format.

However, supported graphics software is then used to convert this EPS files into PDF, JPG, and PNG file formats. This guide highlights the best software that supports this file type and can be used to modify EPS format on Windows 10 operating system.

How to open EPS files in Windows 10

In order to open EPS files in Windows 10 PC, standalone graphics design software can be used. However, some of the most common graphics design software which can be used to open EPS files in Windows 10 are listed below:

  1. Adobe Illustrator

how to open eps files in windows 10Adobe Illustrator is a popular and widely used drawing program used by designers to create and edit vector graphics. It is powerful tool which can be used to open EPS files in Windows 10 PC.

This software uses image maps instead of bitmaps to make images, this allows for drawing to be modified and reshaped without losing quality. Illustrator is the industry standard for creating logos, digital art, and drawings.

In addition, Adobe illustrator supports numerous graphics file formats such as, SVG, DWG, PDF, FXG, and most especially EPS. This tool can open desired .EPS files to modify its graphic content.  The feature rich graphic software is a must have for Windows 10 users to open EPS files, thereby producing neat, professional quality graphic content.

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  1. CorelDraw 2018 Suite (suggested)

how to open eps files in windows 10CorelDraw is a graphics suite developed by Corel. This graphic suite consists of various tools such as CorelDraw which is a vector illustrator tool. CorelDraw is a good alternative to Adobe Illustrator, if you want to open EPS files.

In addition, CorelDraw is used to create and modify vector graphics with the software comprising of a huge library of fonts, templates, and images which can be used to enhance your design. The software supports over 120 file formats including popular formats such as word documents and camera files.

This tool can be used to view, edit and modify EPS files with the illustrator tool providing ideal workspace to manipulate this graphic file to your preference.

  1. Adobe Photoshop

how to open eps files in windows 10Adobe Photoshop is the most popular graphics editing program used across the world. The industry standard software is primarily used to edit graphical and digital images. Photoshop can be used to open EPS files in Windows 10 computers.

Photoshop possess a unique patch tool which removes blemishes from designs automatically and a content-aware feature that matches your work background with surrounding areas while removing unwanted pictures from your work project.

Furthermore, the tool also supports various document and image formats such as SVG, DWG, PDF and most especially EPS files. This tool enables easy editing and modification of EPS files by allowing you to customize image, color, size and enhancement with it numerous features.

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  1. PaintShop Pro (PSP)

how to open eps files in windows 10If you intend to open EPS files in Windows 10, alongside with advanced image editing and digital photos; PaintShop Pro excels with numerous features. The tool includes advanced editing features for, batch image processing, HD video generation, web publishing and layer-based editing.

PaintShop pro allows you to take images from your system and convert it into uniquely digitally altered images with excellent image quality. PaintShop Pro supports over 100 files formats including EPS format. You can quickly modify the tone, brightness, and color of the graphic content in your EPS file using the several built-in effects.

In addition, this tool also enables you to create image thumbnails and store metadata and custom tags. Hence, PaintShop Pro is a powerful graphics tool which gives amazing features for photo editing.

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  1. QuarkXPress

how to open eps files in windows 10QuarkXPress is relatively new desktop publishing software with a good number of userbase. It is primarily used to create and design publications such as newspapers, magazine, catalogs, and flyers. However, this tool can be used to open EPS files in Windows 10 as well.

This program comes with many tools of a word processor such as font size, spacing, and color, the software also possesses advanced typesetting features. You can export files to eBook and zoom publication details to position various elements on a page very accurately.

QuarkXPress supports numerous file formats which can be imported into the software interface. EPS files can also be viewed using the inbuilt editor which allows you to modify and create new EPS files. In addition, QuarkXPress gives an all-around publication tool that allows for precision to the final detail of your work.

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  1. PageStream

how to open eps files in windows 10Another software which you can use to open EPS files in Windows 10 is PageStream. This desktop publishing program has a drag and drop simple interface that allows you to mix images, text, and objects to create desired products.

The inbuilt graphics editor can be maximized to create and edit vector graphics with a wide array of options available to manipulate these images to your preferred choice.

PageStream supports many formats which makes it a good choice as an alternative to other publishing software. EPS file format is supported with the program allowing access to view edit and modifies EPS files.

In addition, PageStream is a good program for making publications like billboards and flyers with its array of options available from layout to font size.

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The programs we mentioned in this article have been tested on Windows 10 operating system extensively, to ensure that they can open EPS files in Windows 10 while giving you features to modify EPS files as well.

Do you know of any other ways not listed here on how to open EPS files in Windows 10? Share with us in the comments section below.


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