What’s the Best Logo Design Software for PC? [Free & Paid]

Design your new logo easily with one of these great tools

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Key notes

  • Having the coolest and most unique logo for your business will help your name stand out in the market and a logo design software will help you a lot.
  • Today’s software and plugins offer a plethora of operational features that allow you to blend color palettes, modify fonts, and create logo templates.
  • We have compiled a list of tool resources for both beginners and experts that want to add flair to their brand and increase their visibility in the industry of design.
What is the best logo design software for PC

In today’s visually driven world, having a captivating logo is essential for businesses, organizations, and even individuals looking to make their mark.

Facebook has its minimalistic F, Apple has its elegant half-eaten apple, Nike has its tick mark, and Windows has its window tiles.

We understand that choosing the right logo design software can be a daunting task, especially with the abundance of options available in the market.

In this article, we meticulously tested and curated a list of the top 12 logo design software options available for PC users in 2023.

What’s the best logo design software for PC?

Adobe Illustrator – Best tool for professionals

One cannot compile a list of the best logo designing tools without including Adobe Illustrator on it. Part of Adobe’s Creative Suite, Illustrator is the tool of choice for most professional logo designers.

Its interface can be a bit daunting for a beginner, but we can affirm that this software has more features than any other entry on this list.

Since it is a generic design software, its interface/process can seem confusing to someone just looking to design a logo.

But rest assured, its range of features, such as pixel grid, precise shape-building tools and brushes, gradients, perspective grids, rich typography, and visual effects, among others, make it an incredibly powerful software.

Without a doubt, Adobe Illustrator is the best logo design software for PC.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Unlimited fonts collection available
  • Seamless integration with other Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, InDesign, XD, and After Effects
  • Your artwork is saved in the cloud and updated in real-time
  • 100X canvas (more room to scale your design as much as you want)
  • Step-by-step interactive in-app tutorials

Adobe Illustrator

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Logobee – Best tool for logo customization

Assuming that your intention is to create memorable logos, LogoBee is a perfect online logo maker as well as a custom logo design solution.

Even if you have little to no design experience, it won’t be an issue when using this intuitive tool.

There are literally thousands of logo design templates waiting for you, as well as countless options to change the logo name, customize fonts, and easily edit the designs.

That’s why professional logos are guaranteed, and you can rest assured that you don’t have to settle for a low-quality logo, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Moreover, there’s even a custom logo design option. Logobee’s in-house designers can create a custom logo from scratch based on your unique design preferences.

These are some key features that Logobee brings to the table:

  • Flexible user interface
  • You can customize logos to your liking
  • Easily save multiple designs
  • Download social media-ready files
  • Enjoy logos made from scratch


Assured constant high-quality work and exceptional attention to detail on the designers’ part for logo development

Looka – Best AI-powered logo generator

Looka provides a user-friendly and intuitive design interface, making it easy for anyone to create stunning logos without prior design experience.

It offers a vast library of professionally designed logo templates covering a wide range of industries and styles.

This logo design software provides a comprehensive set of customization tools, which allows you to adjust colors, fonts, sizes, layouts, and more to create a logo that perfectly aligns with your brand vision.

Looka enables you to download your logo in file formats, such as SVG and EPS, which make the logo scalable and can be resized without losing quality.

The platform provides additional branding assets, such as social media kits and business card designs, to help you maintain a consistent and professional visual presence.

These are some key features that Looka brings to the table:

  • Offers a mobile-friendly design interface
  • Facilitates seamless feedback and collaboration
  • Provides excellent customer support
  • Comes with flexible pricing plans to suit different needs
  • Provides seamless integration with popular social media platforms


Unlock your brand’s visual potential with Looka: The ultimate logo maker.
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Adobe Express – Best web-based general-purpose graphics

If you’re starting to believe that Adobe has taken over the graphic design market, you could not be more right.

The lesser-known but no less impactful Adobe Express is your free logo design software available on all platforms.

This unprecedented mobility can only mean more time for you to start shaping your logo whenever inspiration strikes.

If we’re talking about things that you can do on the go, this logo design software is a natural choice, and you can use it to create much more than logos.

Design an entire web page, jaw-dropping posts with stunning graphics, and compelling videos in just minutes.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Extensive collection of free professionally designed fonts
  • Generous photo library
  • Best-in-class layouts, colors, and fonts
  • Powerful shareware features (to share your project via social media or email)
  • Your work is automatically saved on the cloud and updated across devices

Adobe Express

Don’t hesitate to create stunning logos and share your artwork instantly with this creative editor!
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Canva – Best tool with free options

Canva Logo Maker is a fantastic place to design logo online. It has a large collection of templates, established styles, animations, backgrounds, and many other aspects to make it simple and enjoyable.

You may begin your work online, with or without expertise. Its drag-and-drop feature helps you to spend less time searching for the ideal image for your business. After all, your logo is the public main contact.

After you have finished the content, you may download and share it on cards, websites, and social media. The possibilities are limitless.

Those are the main features of Canva Logo Maker:

  • Predefined logo templates with color schemes approved by designers
  • A large selection of icons and images to pick from
  • PNG file format for a clear image and the best quality
  • Add animations, effects, and timing on how your logo appears when shared
  • Apps integrations like Giphy, Instagram, QR Codes, Pixabay, and more

Canva was created to assist you in growing your brand. If you’re starting a company, growing a small business, or dreaming large, having a Canva logo on hand may help your team produce elegant, on-brand designs with shareable brand color palettes, logos, and components within the editor.


Create a one-of-a-kind logo with simple drag-and-drop functionality, mood-setting with appropriate color palettes and iconic templates.

Logo.com – Extremely easy to use

Logo.com is an extremely easy-to-use web app that will create your ideal logo in just 6 simple steps.

First, you need to input the name of your brand, a slogan, and the colors you want it to use into the logo maker.

Then, specify the field of your business, if you want icons or not in your logo, and which type of font you want for its creation.

After a few seconds, the logos start showing up, and if you keep scrolling, more and more will be generated.

Of course, after you find one that is closer to your needs, you may click on it for further customization.

You will be redirected to a complex editor where you can change every aspect, including the icon for your brand.

The fun part about Logo.com is that under your editor, you will find a lot of contextual examples of placing your freshly designed logo.

Here are some of its best features:

  • Just 6 steps and a few minutes to create your logo
  • Huge selection of images, layouts, and fonts
  • Complex editor with a complete set of tools
  • Contextual representations of your logo
  • Automatic AI generator


Create your original business logo in just a few clicks with this smart AI tool.
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CorelDraw – Best tool for experienced graphics specialists

Powerful graphic design features, next-generation collaboration tools, and productivity-focused options – this is what you can expect from CorelDraw.

This is a professional app for vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and typography that gives you everything you need and more to create stunning artwork, from single logos to complex web design projects.

Also, CorelDraw comes with a complete set of typography tools (fine-tune fonts, variable font support, fit text to paths, etc.).

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Cloud-based collaboration tools to comment directly on your design files
  • Workspace customization options
  • Powerful vector-based shaping and drawing tools and effects like Contour, Blend, Mesh Fill, etc.
  • Color management tools to adjust color and tone, remove imperfections, and correct perspective
  • State-of-the-art AI-powered vector-illustration technology
  • Non-destructive editing and unparalleled object control


Advanced techniques and effects for vector forming and designing your masterpiece.
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Adobe Photoshop – Best graphics tool for professionals

Another powerful tool for logo creation is the worldwide cherished Adobe Photoshop and that should not be surprising at all since we are dealing with the world’s best imaging and graphic design software.

It’s more than logo design software. From photo editing to digital painting, animation, and graphic design, there is nothing that you cannot do with the almighty Photoshop.

The best part is that it does not confine you to a specific environment – follow your inspiration and unleash your creativity across desktop, tablet, and iPad to craft gorgeous logo designs.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Crop, remove objects, retouch, and combine photos
  • Unlimited colors, effects, layers, and masks
  • Fonts auto-activation feature
  • Rotatable patterns to easily change the orientation of any pattern
  • Object Selection tool to create fast and precise selections

Adobe Photoshop

That’s your chance to harness the creative power of Photoshop to craft show-stopping logo designs!
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DesignEvo – Best logo design tool for beginners

If you want a free logo maker, then DesignEvo is just that: a free logo-making tool.

You don’t even have to know much about logos because you have over 10,000 original templates to choose from and get inspired.

Choose from the list of categories from the left side of the screen or search through the database with your keyword, then look at the available designs.

And when you find one you like, you can fully customize it with your own fonts and graphics to your desired outcome.

There is a huge array of fonts, backgrounds, shapes, and symbols available, and the interface is so friendly that anyone could design an excellent logo.

Creating the logo is absolutely free, but to download it, you will have to sign in with an account. You can only download it for free with a 300×300 pixels resolution. For a higher resolution, you need to pay for a license.

Let’s see some of its best features:

  • Friendly, easy-to-use interface
  • Over 10k templates to choose from
  • Large database of symbols, fonts, backgrounds, and other graphical elements
  • Web-based, too, accessible from anywhere and on almost any device
  • Save your logo in high-resolution vectorial format


Produce an outstanding logo quickly and easily with this web-based tool that offers over 10k templates.

ZillionDesigns – Free online logo maker


ZillionDesigns offers a versatile and user-friendly free logo maker that caters to both entrepreneurs and established businesses.

With an extensive library of pre-designed templates and an intuitive interface, creating a professional logo is a breeze.

Users can easily customize their designs by selecting from a wide range of fonts, colors, and icons, ensuring a unique and visually captivating result.

ZillionDesigns also offers the option to collaborate with skilled designers from around the world through their design contests, providing clients with an opportunity to receive a variety of creative concepts and choose the best one for their brand.

Here is the list of main features of ZillionDesigns:

  • Provides high-resolution logo files
  • Offers to download logos in different sizes
  • Crisp & clear loog vector files
  • Excellent customer support


A free online logo maker to customize and download logo designs without even signing up!

Turbologo – Fastest tool for logo creation

Turbologo, as the name implies, is a quick and easy approach to creating your first logo.

You may acquire professional logos for your organization with a variety of backgrounds depending on the sort of presentation you want to send out on social media. Cards, posters, t-shirts, and notebooks with your design will awe your followers.

Turbologo allows you to accomplish everything immediately on your browser, from the company name and slogan to color palettes and pictures with icons relevant to your field of activity.

It gives you a collection of outcomes that are created automatically based on your selections at the start of the creation.

After you’ve created the logo, you may select a plan based on the level of quality you desire for your design.

The Lite bundle has 1024-pixel resolutions. The Standard and Business plans feature a 2048-pixel resolution and a vector download option, allowing you to resize your logo to whatever size you want.

Here are the main features of Turbologo:

  • Free logo maker within the browser
  • Intuitive user interface that generates logos on the spot
  • Tens of thousands of logo and template ideas, patterns, layouts, and symbols
  • Excellent items and distinct, easily identifiable graphics for your brand
  • Unique combinations of styles, colors, and fonts
Create a business logo online using a unique design and easy tools to dazzle your followers.

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro – Best tool for protected logos

Summitsoft’s Logo Design Studio Pro comes with an astonishing 1500 pre-designed templates, ranging from pretty much every industry, from food and finance to cleaning and construction.

In addition to this huge collection of templates, there are well over 5000 logo objects that you can add to your designs.

Add to this the ability to tweak colors, fonts, and shapes, and what you get as an output is pretty much any design you can imagine.

With this logo design software, you can also import your own graphics or use the in-built tools to draw your own shapes/design.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Familiar interface design
  • Slogan/tagline generator, which can actually come up with great slogans
  • Full ownership of your designs, meaning you can sell them to others
  • A basic introduction to the trademark process so that you can secure your brand identity

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro

Build your brand identity while delivering your work under intellectual property protection.
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LogoDesign – Incredibly simple to use

In case you need to design a logo quickly, then this service is just what you need. Simply enter the brand name and select the desired color profile, and that’s it.

After that, just pick the desired font and 3 different logo styles that you like. After doing that, the service will generate different logos that you can choose from.

Of course, each design is customizable, so you can make basic changes, adjust the colors and move the elements as you please.

LogoDesign is an incredible and simple-to-use service, and you don’t need any design knowledge to use it.


LogoDesign.net: Empowering your brand identity through stunning and customized logo designs
Free trial Visit Website

Hatchful – Best tool with Shopify integration

Hatchful is a free logo creator tool that allows you to create custom design logos in minutes. To create your own logo, you may use free vectors, fonts, and icons.

The solution integrates a designer’s creative thinking talents into a smooth and simple-to-use method that generates millions of options.

This sophisticated logo creation tool includes all of the color and text editing capabilities required for your company to create and update a distinctive logo for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Instagram pages.

Regarding mobile devices, Hatchful requires iOS 11.0 minimum or Android 5.0 or higher. Because Shopify is an eCommerce platform, its logo creator is geared toward business owners.

Whether you’re a Shopify customer or not, you can get it for free on iOS or Android.

Check out Hatchful’s distinctive features:

  • Edit layouts, add icons, alter colors, and change fonts
  • Customize logos that are specially adapted to your business niche
  • Available app logo creator for Android and iOS devices from Spotify
  • Different formats suited for the pages you want to share your logo on, directly in your email
  • Top-notch categories and color patterns to make your logo stand out


Explore hundreds of distinct logo templates before customizing your choice to create a one-of-a-kind brand.

Free Logo Creator – Fastest logo creator

If you’re looking for a fast, simple, and free online logo creation tool, Free Logo Creator hits the spot on all the criteria.

All you need to do is write the name of your brand and the industry, and the AI-infused tool will create a batch to choose from.

Then on, you can select the one you like and customize it further with your slogan, different images, shapes, and text as you see fit.

After you’re satisfied with the result, you can even preview the logo in different instances such as on banners, invitations, cards, and more.

Of course, at last, you may download the logo to edit it further. While Free Logo Creator is free, you still need to create an account to finalize the download.

Also, keep in mind that with the free account, you may only download the low res version of the logo in JPG and PNG formats.

For a small fee, you can upgrade your license and get the high res version in vectorial form or in PDF format. You will also be able to create email signatures and a lot more.

Take a look at its best features below:

  • Fast and easy logo creation
  • Built in logo editing tool
  • Access to an extensive database of free graphical elements to add
  • Change fonts and colors to match your brand specifications
  • Free to use with a free account (no credit card needed)

Free Logo Creator

Use this fast and simple tool for free to generate a unique logo for your business!

This brings us to the end of our list. Download the logo creation software that best suits your needs.

As you could have seen, there are a lot of apps for professionals, but also some that everyone can handle without any prior knowledge.

How can a logo design tool help me?

Your logo needs to be professional and clean. However, businesses resort to hiring professionals to do this part of the work for them.

Fortunately, if that’s beyond your budget, there are plenty of design software tools that can help you do this for a fraction of the price.

Some of them still require some graphical and technical skills, while others have a simple, drag-and-drop interface, so it’s up to you to decide the approach.

And while on the subject, you could also be interested in our list, including the best poster and banner design software that might also help you with your business.

If you have any suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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