How to open ZIPX files on Windows 10 [SIMPLE GUIDE]

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open zipx file windows 10

ZIPX files are similar to standard archive formats, and today we’ll show you how to easily open .ZIPX files on your Windows 10 PC.

How to open ZIPX files on Windows 10? ZIPX is a fairly new file format, and it’s not supported by many applications. Since you can’t open it natively, you’ll need to use third-party tools such as WinZip or BitZipper.

How do I open a zipx file in Windows 10?

Use WinZip or BitZipper

winzip open zipx file windows 10

Using BitZipper, you can extract or open a .ZIPX file. To extract or open a .ZIPX file, use these steps:

  1. Download the latest version of BitZipper then install it.
  2. Open BitZipper as soon as it installs.
  3. Navigate to File, then Open.
  4. Go to the location of the .ZIPX file and choose it.
  5. Once the .ZIPX file opens, click on Extract to and then choose a location to store the .ZIPX file.

You can also extract the ZIPX archive by doing the following:

  1. Right click on the file.
  2. Click on Extract here or Extract To.

There other programs that you can use to extract .ZIPX files

Not many utilities support .ZIPX because it is a new format, however, there are some programs that can work with .ZIPX format. These programs are listed below:

  1. WinZip.
  2. PKWARE also created some utilities that support .zipx which are PKZIP and SecureZIP.
  3. PowerArchiver is also on the list of utilities that can open and extract .ZIPX. Such as wavpack, ppmd, lzma and bz2.
  4. 7ZIP supports .ZIPX files, you should download the latest version and you are good to go.
  5. The last and not least is the latest .ZIPX utility that supports ZIPX files is Bitzipper.

All these tools are simple to use, but we choose WinZip as our top pick due to its popularity and the number of features that it supports.

Since the ZIPX file format is recently introduced by WinZip, there are but a few utilities that support it. However, we hope that you now understand what ZIPX file format is and how to work with it.


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