Opera VPN Pro Review: Complete Protection on all Your Devices

Our VPN experts tested this new service thouroughly

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  • Make sure to read the entirety of our Opera VPN Pro review to get all the valuable information.
  • This VPN service has been long-waited by Opera fans, and the release didn't disappoint.
  • Opera VPN Pro is a powerful service that will ensure that no third parties can collect and store your private information.
Hide your IP and surf the web privately with unlimited VPN bandwidth!Opera Browser's free VPN lets you quickly connect to secure servers in multiple key locations on the globe. By doing so, private information about your location or online activity will be protected, and you'll be able to unblock geo-restricted pages.

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Opera VPN Pro adds some handy features to the already-amazing built-in VPN that this browser includes by default.

This VPN service, coupled with all the fantastic features that Opera and Opera GX offer, will improve your online experience considerably, whether you’re a regular user or an avid gaming fan.

The creators of this powerful VPN version for Opera that works on any device had this to say about it:

Recently, we were spotting the increasing interest in trusted entire-device protection based on our users’ requests. That’s why launching a trusted VPN Pro solution was a logical further step for Opera.

Stefan Stjernelund – Product Manager at Opera

In today’s guide, we will dive deep into analyzing this new Opera VPN release, find out what makes it tick and if it’s worth your time.

Read on to find out!

What is Opera VPN Pro?

Opera VPN Pro is a new version of the Opera VPN we’ve all grown to love, but with a twist: More privacy and online security!

Opera VPN Pro

Different from the free built-in VPN with more security and enhanced privacy.

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How does it differ from Opera VPN?

Opera VPN Pro offers a better-quality service than the free option, ensuring you access over 3000 private network servers and more than 30 virtual locations across the globe.

Accessing all these servers will ensure that your Opera VPN Pro will ensure that it happens no matter what content you want to watch online.

The new premium VPN offer from Opera offers a service that will cover your entire device, not only the browser activity, making it far more capable and secure than before.

As a bonus, you can also run the service in data-saving mode, ensuring that your mobile phone internet plan is not too affected.

Is Opera VPN Pro free?

No, Opera VPN Pro is not a free service, but you can try it out freely for 30 days if you subscribe. Depending on the exact duration of your subscription, the prices will vary.

What are the features of Opera VPN Pro?

➡ Unique features

– Enhanced security on multiple devices

Whether you’re using an Android device or PC, your online traffic will be secured by the powerful Opera VPN Pro.

The same principle applies no matter what application you’re using; the VPN service will ensure that it’s private.

– Privacy boost as there is a no-log policy

As in the case of the regular version, the service shield used by Opera VPN Pro has a no-log policy, meaning that absolutely no activity (both local and online) will not be logged into the Opera servers.

This not only ensures that your personal information will remain private, but no third party will be able to collect or share your data.

– Amazing browsing speeds

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The 3000+ VPN servers provided by the Opera VPN Pro will allow you to stream high-quality content online, no matter where you are in the world, what content you want access to, and what kind of security level it has.

Additionally, the large number of servers improves privacy and security features and allows fast browsing speeds with unlimited bandwidth.

➡ Other features

– Protects up to 6 devices at once

With Opera VPN Pro, you can have up to 6 different devices connected to the same subscription, allowing you to ensure your protection and privacy online and your family’s.

– Live VPN support

Access to 24/7 chat support can be handy, especially if you encounter any issues during setup. The experts behind the help chat will help you resolve any problems quickly.

Opera VPN Pro – Pros & Cons

More than 3000 private network servers
30 virtual locations situated across the globe
Privacy protection for the entire device, not just the browser
Built-in data-saving mode
Not free

Final Score: 5/5

How does Opera VPN Pro compare with other VPN options?

Now that we covered all the aspects of the powerful Opera VPN Pro, let’s have a look at how it compares with other VPN options on the market:

Opera VPN Pro ExpressVPN CyberGhost Private Internet Access
3000+ servers 3000+ servers 7,700 servers 35.000+
30 virtual locations 160 locations 91+ countries 78+ countries
Device-wide protection Device-wide protection Device-wide protection Device-wide protection
Up to 6 devices/subscription 5 simultaneous connections 7 simultaneous connections 10 simultaneous connections
Live VPN chat support 24/7 Live VPN chat support 24/7 Live VPN chat support 24/7 Live VPN chat support 24/7

As you can see from the table presented above, Opera VPN Pro is in line with all the biggest VPN providers on the market and is the only one that comes packed with a handy and versatile browser: the Opera browser.

Combining these two elements will ensure you will never have to worry about your online privacy again.

Opera VPN Pro price

When it comes to the price you need to pay to get all the benefits of Opera VPN Pro, the price will depend on the subscription choice and the device you’re using.

You can try out Opera VPN Pro for 30 days free by subscribing to the service for a limited time. However, as you can see from the image above, the price of a yearly subscription paid per month is impressive, especially considering what the subscription brings to the table.

Is Opera VPN Pro trustworthy?

Yes. Opera VPN Pro is a service offered by the Opera Limited software company, located in Norway and founded in 1995.

Why do I need Opera VPN Pro?

Opera VPN Pro was created for people who want to take their VPN security and privacy levels to the next threshold, as this service now covers the entirety of all network transfers performed on that device.

This ensures that any third parties cannot affect your privacy, no matter what kind of attack they use.

What do you think about the new Opera VPN Pro? Will you try it out? Please inform us of your decision and reasoning using the comment below.

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