Outlook app not syncing on Windows 10 [Fix]

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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  • Not being able to sync Outlook in Windows 10 can cause a lot of problems and frustration.
  • If you're facing syncing problems with your Outlook or Mail app in Windows 10 don't worry, we have a solution for you.
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Considering how many users are relying on Outlook and Mail for online communication, not being able to sync these apps in Windows 10 can cause a lot of problems and frustration.

If you’re facing syncing problems with your Outlook or Mail app in Windows 10 don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

It’s recommended before we begin that you make sure your operating system is up to date and the latest updates have been installed.

With a couple of easy steps, you’ll be able to regularly receive emails in your inbox again.

How do I fix Outlook sync issues in Windows 10?

1. Use Mailbird

Unfortunately, Outlook continues to have a long list of troubleshooting issues, and plenty of their web or downloadable app clients seem to struggle.

We made an in-depth analysis of the best alternatives to use and we think that Mailbird is definitely the best one.

Mailbird – winner of Most popular mail client of 2020, is a powerful email client that has all email related features such as sending and receiving emails, filtering, unified inbox, keyboard shortcuts, and many others.

All of them designed to help their clients organize faster and more efficiently.

The Mailbird design is attractive and you can customize it how you like it most. and let’s not forget about how easy it is to integrate it with other popular services such as Asana, Slack, Dropbox, Google apps, and Degoo.



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2. Reset Microsoft Store cache

fix Outlook does not sync

Maybe there’s a conflict between the Microsoft Store cache and your mailing app, which prevents you from receiving emails. To solve this problem you should try resetting Microsoft Store cache and see if the problem is solved. Here’s how to easily reset Windows Store cache:

  1. Go to Search and type wsreset.exe
  2. Click on Run as Administrator
  3. Microsoft Store will open and you’ll get a confirmation message saying that: The cache for the Store was cleared. You can now browse the Store for apps

3. Sync app licenses

fix outlook not syncing


If resetting  Microsoft Store cache didn’t work for you, you can try to sync app licenses. To do that, just follow these steps:

  1. On the Start screen, tap or click Store to open the Microsoft Store
  2. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Settings
  3. Tap or click App updates
  4. Tap or click Sync licenses
  5. Your licenses should be synced now

4. Change the mail app settings

troubleshooting outlook does not sync

Microsoft Outlook has its specific methods of organizing your inbox, and maybe some irregularities in your Organize your email settings prevented your mailing app from receiving emails. To solve the problem with email organization, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Settings
  2. Tap or click Accounts
  3. Go to Organize your email option
  4. Deselect the associated option

That would be all. If you have any comments or suggestions, or these solutions somehow didn’t work for you, please tell us in the comments below.

FAQ: Learn more about mail syncing issues:

  • How do I change my sync settings in Outlook?

This can be easily done by accessing your Mail account in the Settings section. If you can’t sync your emails on Windows 10, here’s how you can fix it.

  • Why are my emails not syncing?

There are cases when this does not happen so make sure to check how you can sync emails on Windows when it doesn’t seem to be working.

  • Why my new folders don’t appear in Outlook?

Usually, this can be easily fixed by using Exchange cache mode and we are presenting what you need to do in this step by step guide.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2015 and has been since revamped and updated in July 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.