What to do if Outlook is sending blank emails

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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outlook blank emails

Despite all criticism, Outlook is one of the quickest ways to manage your emails. Nevertheless, errors can occur even to one of the most popular email client platforms. Many users have highlighted that Outlook 2016 is occasionally sending blank emails automatically.

This is actually an old problem for Outlook. In fact, it affected many users of previous Outlook versions. In this article, you can find a simple guide on how to identify the problem and quickly fix it in a few easy steps.

Why does Outlook send blank emails?

Users said this problem affects the Outlook 2016 Home and Business versions. In fact, the problem can manifest itself in two ways:

  1. The blank emails are sent randomly and occasionally. However, only the recipients can see them blank, while in the Sent Items folder they appear with the full body to the sender.
  2. The blank emails are sent occasionally to random recipients although the sender didn’t actually send these emails.

The receiver of a blank email should check if there is an email address sending the blank email. If there is no address or the address is unknown that is a junk email. In that case, the best approach is not to open the email but eliminate it as soon as possible. The problem seems to affect Outlook 365 users as well, having both Windows 10 and Windows 7.

How to check if you’re affected by this issue

This annoying problem is difficult to be monitored by the unaware senders. As stated above, the blank email arrives only to the recipient. A useful tip to check if the email was delivered correctly is to add your email address in CC in every email you send. This procedure requires a few seconds, but it can be useful. In this way, you’ll know for sure whether you are affected by this problem or not.

Outlook sends out blank emails – How do I fix that?

Sometimes the solution could be easier than expected. We’ll list three ways to solve this problem quickly that apply to both recipients and senders.

Solution 1: Update your antivirus (for recipients)

One of the first ideas that may come to your mind when it comes to this issue is that your computer has got some viruses. But this is not necessarily true. Actually, this could be an antivirus problem.

The first attempt to solve the problem, on the recipient’s side, consists of updating the antivirus. Sometimes, the missing emails are the result of the virus scanning process carried out on download. Somehow, your antivirus flags particular emails as malware when it’s not the case.

Solution 2: Disable add-ins and update Outlook (for senders)

In some cases, add-ins effect the Send to Mail Recipient functionality and MAPI integration. If one does not want to disable the Outlook protection provided by the antivirus, the best choice in this case is to update Outlook. Keeping Outlook and any software up-to date is the best solution to fix vulnerabilities and get new features as well.

Below are four simple steps to follow in order to update Outlook:

  1. Open Outlook and go to File
  2. Select Office accountoffice account outlook mail
  3. Click on Update Options
  4. Select Update Now.update outlook

Solution 3: Configure a new profile (for senders)

If the solution 2 does not work, there is a third method that you can use but it requires configuring a new profile. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Completely close Outlook
  2. Go to Start and click to Control panel and after on User Accounts
  3. Click on Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016)outlook 2016 control panel
  4. The E-mail account box now open > go to Show Profiles
  5. Select Add
  6. Type a new name for new profile you want to create and click OKoutlook profile
  7. Once the profile is created you need to type the email address and password going forward using Auto Account Setup
  8. Open Outlook and Go to Settings, select Manage Account and after Add Account
  9. Select E-mail Account under Auto account setup
  10. Enter the Name, e-mail, and password of profile created and OK
  11. Your Account will be setup, send a test mail to check if the issue is resolved.

Problem solved

We hope that one of the three solutions listed in this article helped you to solve this annoying problem of blank emails so that you may continue to use Outlook normally.

Were you able to fix this Outlook bug using this troubleshooting guide? Let us know in the comments section below.