Fix Outlook errors for rules using these 5 solutions

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Rules are handy automated actions that Outlook users can set up for emails. However, Outlook rules don’t always work. For example, one Outlook rule error message states, “One or more rules could not be uploaded to Exchange server and have been deactivated.” Here are a few resolutions that might fix Outlook rules when they stop working.

What to do if your Outlook rules stopped working

  1. Delete the Rules
  2. Merge Similar Rules Together
  3. Reset the SRS File
  4. Repair Your Outlook Data File
  5. Fix Rules with Outlook Repair Software

1. Delete the Rules

One of the best ways to fix rules is to delete them. Then you can set up the same rules again to get them working. You can delete Outlook rules as follows.

  • Click the File tab in Outlook.
  • Click Info > Manage Rules and Alerts to open the Rules and Alerts window.
  • Then select a rule to delete.
  • Press the Delete button, and select the Yes option to confirm.
  • Then click Apply the button.
  • To set up new rules to replace the deleted ones, press the New Rule button. Then you can go through the rule setup wizard.

2. Merge Similar Rules Together

The “One or more rules could not be uploaded to Exchange server” error message can be due to limited rule quota storage. Exchange Server 2007 and 2003 mailboxes have 64 KB and 32 KB storage quotas for Outlook rules. Thus, you might need to free up some rule space, which you can do by merging similar rules together as follows.

  • Click Info on Outlook‘s File tab.
  • Click Manage Rules and Alert to open the rules window, and then select a rule to edit on the E-mail Rules tab.
  • Press the Change Rule button.
  • Select the Edit Rule Settings option to adjust the rule as required.
  • After merging similar rules together, you can delete some rules that you don’t need.
  • Select the Apply option to apply changes.

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3. Reset the SRS File

Outlook rule errors can be due to a corrupted send/receive setting (SRS) File. So resetting the SRS file can fix rules that don’t work automatically. This is how you can reset the SRS file.

  • Open the File Explorer window.

mapped network drives

  • Then enter ‘C:Users%username%AppDataRoamingMicrosoftOutlook‘ in File Explorer’s folder path bar, and press the Return key.
  • Right-click the Outlook.srs file and select Rename.
  • Change the Outlook.srs file title to Outlook.srs.old. Then the Outlook.srs file gets recreated automatically when you open the email software.

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4. Repair Your Outlook Data File

Rule errors can also occur when Outlook’s PST data storage is corrupted. You can fix data files with the Inbox Repair Tool. This is how users can fix Outlook‘s PST data storage with that utility.

  • Open the Cortana search box by pressing the Type here to search button.
  • Input ‘SCANPST.EXE’ in the search box, and select to open that.
  • Alternatively, you can usually open the Inbox Repair Tool (SCANPST.EXE) in the snapshot directly below from the C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Office folder in File Explorer.

repair outlook

  • Then click the Browse button to select the Outlook.pst file. You can usually select the Outlook.pst file for Outlook 2010, ’13 and ’16 at this path: C:Users%username%DocumentsOutlook Files.
  • Press the Start button to initiate a scan.
  • Select the Make a backup of scanned file before repairing option.
  • Then click the Repair button to fix the PST file.

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5. Fix Rules with Outlook Repair Software

There are numerous Outlook repair utilities that might come in handy for fixing rules. Those are third-party PST utilities that are generally more efficient than the Inbox Repair Tool. Stellar Phoenix, OutlookFIX, DataNumen Outlook Repair and Yodot PST Repair are a few of the more noteworthy Outlook utilities. They generally aren’t freeware software, but most include a trial version that you can utilize for a limited time. Click the Free Download button on this page to check out Stellar Phoenix.

Those resolutions might fix your email rules so that they run automatically again. Also note that rules must be assigned to the correct email account. So if you have multiple Outlook email accounts, check that you’ve assigned the rules to the right account.