How to hide calendar details from others in Outlook

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hide calendar details in Outlook

Those who utilize Outlook within organizations share the application’s calendar with other users. However, you might prefer to hide some of the details on a shared Outlook calendar from other users.

For example, some appointment details on the calendar might need to be kept confidential. You can hide appointment details with the Private option or by adjusting the permissions of the calendar.


How can I hide Outlook calendar details?

1. Select the Private option for appointments

  1. You can hide calendar appointment, event, and task details from other users with the Private option. To do that, open Outlook’s calendar view.
  2. Select the meeting appointment on the calendar.
  3. Click the Private button on the Appointment tab. Then users you share the calendar with (without Read permissions) can’t see the details for the padlocked appointment.Private option outlook how to hide calendar details from others
  4. Click the Private button again to remove the padlock from the appointment.

2. Adjust the permissions for shared calendars

  1. If you need to hide all appointment details on Outlook’s calendar, it’s better to change the permissions for it. To do so, click Outlook’s Calendar button.
  2. Select a calendar under My Calendars.
  3. Click the Change Permissions button to open the window shown directly below.Calendar Properties window outlook how to hide calendar details from others
  4. Select a user you’re sharing the calendar with to adjust permissions for.
  5. Select the Reviewer option on the Permission Level drop-down menu.
  6. Select the Free/Busy time option.
  7. Click the Apply option.
  8. Click the OK button to exit the window.

3. Hide appointments in calendars shared via email

  1. Some Outlook users might need to share calendars via email. To remove appointment details from calendars shared by emails, right-click the calendar to share (under My Calendars) and select Share.
  2. Then select the Share Calendar option. That option will open the Share tab.
  3. Click the Limited details option in the Details drop-down menu.
  4. Select the Yes option.

So, that’s how you can ensure appointments, events, and tasks details aren’t visible to other users on shared Outlook calendars. Doing so will keep your calendar appointments more confidential.

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