One or more folders in your mailbox named incorrectly [FIX]

Madalina Dinita
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  • To solve the problem, delete the folders mentioned by the error message. Look for them in the Calendar tab and in the mailbox folders. Also, try to empty the Trash folder.
  • If the previous solutions didn't work, create a new Outlook profile. You can also try to use the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool to fix this problem and others.
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Microsoft Outlook is a reliable email platform, but sometimes users encounter annoying or even blocking errors when trying to access their mailbox.

One such error is the one that informs users their mailbox folders are named incorrectly:

The name of one or more of your folders includes the character / or more than 250 characters. Folders with names that include this character can’t be downloaded to your IMAP e-mail program. Please rename these folders [name of the folder].

It is worth mentioning that this error often invokes Calendar folders, therefore don’t forget to also check these folders when troubleshooting.

How can I fix incorrect mailbox name issues?

  1. Delete the folders mentioned by the error message (look for them in the Calendar tab and in the mailbox folders).
  2. Empty the Trash folder.
  3. If the issue hasn’t been fixed after performing the actions mentioned at steps 1 & 2, create a new Outlook profile.

As simplistic as this solution may first seem, users confirmed it worked.

This looks to have worked…  Thanks for your help.  The bit that worked was emptying the Trash folder

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FAQ: Read more about Outlook folders

  • How do you manage folders in Outlook?

In the Folder tab, click on New Folder. A new window will appear so enter a name for your folder in the Name field. At the bottom of the window, select where you want the folder to be located and click OK.

  • Where are my folders in Outlook?

To see all your folders expand the Folder Pane by setting the Folder Pane view. Click View > Folder Pane and click Normal. If you can’t open the set of folders, we have an excellent guide to fix that problem.

  • How do I fix Outlook name conflicts?

Try to reinstall Outlook and remove and add out Outlook account back. If you find it too complicated, follow our exclusive guide to fix the name conflicts problem.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2016 and has been since revamped and updated in April 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.